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Liberation by truth is the only moksha

Posted on June 28, 2014 by shantanup

I have realised in my life is that nothing liberates the individual like truth can: not worshipping God, not reading books, not doing meditation.

Pursuing truth requires a person to be at one with what he or she knows as reality. He must always be ready and prepared for and in fact looking to learn more, and further, trying to be at one with all those emerging truths and personal situations. There are lots of truths but there is only one truth path. This path is the simultaneous probing and rejection by countering of all falsehoods as soon as one receives them moment to moment. If one detects falsehoods and does not counter the falsehoods immediately one is not on the truth path. The process is therefore a continuous one and a way of living. It is not enough to just know what is true, one need to be practicising ‘truth accommodation’ or the acceptance of the reality that one finds from ones moment to moment studies. It is this that generates liberation for one is constantly in the process of wiping out one’s delusions and negating falsehoods within one and those coming from others and thereby understanding life and ones circumstances. It leads to real reliable knowledge which has been painstakingly acquired because one has not been prepared to accept any kind of falsehood as the be-all and end-all of one’s existence. It is this liberation from falsehoods and delusions that is referred to by the word ‘moksha’ in Hinduism, where one is attaining within this life peace of mind or bliss (satchitananda). The knowledge thereby gained is true enlightenment.

I coined the term satya-advaita or truth accommodation for the practice of spending ones every living moment in the pursuit of truth discovery and its ready acceptance. It requires effort. In practical terms this is the yoga of knowledge (gyan yoga) and becomes the way of life for the individual. This process of living may well result in the discovery and irreversible realisation of God. This means if a person stays on the truth path then it is possible that one day he or she will see the hand of God in everything that happens to one from within oneself and from outside oneself so that he will come to understand God. Only steadfast devotion to truth can lead to this realisation.

However, it should be pointed out that satya-advaita may not be the only process of realising God because God may choose other ways of making a person realise who He is and what He can do to and for an individual. For example, God can impart visions to a person and act as an inner voice. Truth accommodation may also not be the only process by which a person can become knowledgeable for God can provide revelations to a person (eg like the Bhagavad Gita was given to Vyasa) to make that possible. Indeed, God may wake up a person and then teach him or her everything that He wants the person to know. But satya-advaita is a process that I have tested as having great benefits such as liberation through knowledge acquisition and realisation of God. In other words, adherence to truth can not only make a person knowledgeable but also make him or her see God eventually, provided of course that God wishes a person to see Him.

As I have come to know, only the person who travels along the truth path gets the blessings of God for a contented and liberated life, and God simultaneously reinforces the person’s conviction to continue travelling along the same truth path.

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