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Life after God-realisation

It is clear to me that in the past I interacted with God whilst there were uncertainties in my mind, truths to discover and practical issues to be sorted to iron out my life. It seems significant that after considerable activity that I became engaged in India during our holidays in December 2013-January 2015 we returned to the UK to then discover that I had lost my important job as a petrol station worker in Sherlodge Garage. And there was no interaction with God any longer through the advaita clock checking mechanism. I find that I do not now take any directions from God to guide my truth path like I had done for a considerable period of time and which I have documented in my diary file. I now see that I had done all my deeds, discovered the truths that satisfied me and ironed out my practical issues affecting my material life. I am therefore now starting a new phase to my life. This is the beginning of life after God-realisation. God had come, showed me what he could do, affirmed my faith that I was not delusional in my spiritual practices, and left. Only the memory of what I experienced with Him remains along with my religious practice of satya-advaita or truth accommodation. In the past I had used the God-override to guide my actions: now it will be solely based on the rationality of God-free truths. Accordingly, I must no longer put my trust in God and stop checking for messages from Him to live in total freedom. And since my interaction with God is over I also avoid contentious issues and I am disinclined to enter into arguments and discussions to try and prove something. There are no spiritual objectives and missions left for accomplishment so that discourses and discussions in internet forums is now pointless.

The truth path is well-ingrained inside of me to guide all my actions. It is a life of action but with detachment from everything, and is based on a kind of faith that my life issues and involvements will all work themselves out even though the immediate future has always been unclear. That still requires me to be a certain type of person who acts in particular ways. In the absence of directions from God to conduct ones affairs in specific ways I must always trust the path of truth to travel on for I have faith from my past experience that this alone will enhance my life and lead to the correct fruition of my actions materially and spiritually, which then becomes my destiny. This approach to my life makes me content as a person because I know that I have followed the truth path and nothing else. From my past interactions with God I have learnt that for this path to work for me I must act positively without fear, malice, excessive desires, prejudices, attachment to isms to guide one, and doing only what is necessary to maintain myself and my family. Peace is all I seek, a peaceful household, peaceful life with relatives and peace with the rest of society. The peace thus secured is based on ascertaining the most detailed truths about all the life issues that I come across. It is up to God whether He will ensure that this God-free truth path is set on a good course and that the right results accrue to me which will then form my destiny and destination. In other words, when all is said and done, once one knows God, one needs to be detached from God too. God ensures that. I know this from having tested it out.

So how do I live this life at 57 years of age and three and half years before I will start receiving my accumulated pension from the job at Natural Resources Institute? I have to live life professionally and be practical to secure my family’s needs. To this end I have already started applying for various kinds of jobs.

25 January 2014 Update: This state of mind and my occupations did not last very long as I returned to seeking out God to find my way forward in life.

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