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Living in hope and faith for one’s future

It is said that one must hope for the best but prepare oneself for the worst. We plan things for our future. That is sound advice. There may be rainy days ahead for which we need to earn enough money and save. Even after one has attained realisation of God what kind of approach and outlook are necessary in life? If one is united with God does it guarantee one a good future? Can one trace and predict ones future? Should we be pessimistic or optimistic that God will see us through to a good life?

We need to be positive about our futures. But faith is not justified that God will always be there for us. We have to plan and execute our own lives. God leaves us to get one with our lives. One has to face the rough and tumble that life brings. What is the best way in which we should do this? Buddhism teaches to have control over one’s desires. I believe that is wrong. One must hope for good things in life and prepare a plan for ones future that is sound. One must make things happen for oneself. There is nothing wrong with having desires. Desires are biological necessities for survival of the individual and of the species. We propagate ourselves because we execute our desires. God does not wish us humans to control or subdue our desires. We must attain things for ourselves, the highest levels of attainments possible so that we are living to our biological potential.

Living with God may or may not be a smooth passage. So one has to be detached from God in so far as not expecting anything from Him. In this outlook we should plan for lives that is able to cope with both positive outcomes and negative outcomes on anything we have hopes for. Yet God is real and personal so in satya-advaita one has to accommodate that truth and reality. It makes one constantly thinks about how one is living with the presence of God and He is never far away from one’s thoughts. With God in one’s heart and truth accommodation as ones guiding principle one is constantly on the right path, namely the truth path. Thinking in this way charts ones future in happiness and contentment. One is not concerned with adopting scriptures from religions or taking guidance from the principles of evolutionary biology concerning the propagation of the human species. This is about an individual pursing his or her own life strategy. If he chooses to abandon the path of truth in favour of values directed on him or imposed by a religions or the State or by an evolutionary biologist he has only himself to blame for his misfortunes and depressions.

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