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Negotiations with AuthorhouseUK on Publication of my book ‘The Allurement of Reality’

Following extensive discussions with AuthorhouseUK on my desire to write books on reality so as to bring my thoughts to the attention of a wider audience and making dubious progress, I have sent the following email to AuthorhouseUK this evening:

Project Id 728480 – The Allurement of Reality (Phase 1: Searching in Uncertainty) Shan Panigrahi To 26 Oct 015 at 5:21 PM To AuthorhouseUK

via Ms Ivy Mendola

Dear Sir

1. I need a categorical answer this evening of whether the attached book that was submitted to you will appear in print as an AuthorhouseUK book within one month without any modifications whatsoever as a self-publishing project in which I alone am responsible for the contents and all liabilities on libel and invasion of privacy.

2. If Authorhouse is not prepared to print the book as submitted here I will consider myself free to submit it to another publisher tomorrow for its consideration, and accordingly, will require you to refund the £586 that was paid immediately.

3. I will also now resume personal control of the contents of my Blog and Twitter Account , and will resume the publication of materials in these publication outlets without seeking the permission of AuthorhouseUK or of WordPress because neither you nor WordPress replied to my questions on copyright ownership of my author-works hitherto produced.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi • 1 Attachment • TheAllurementofReality(Phase1).docx; containing a draft of my writings between 2004 to 2008 including the Chapter on the Proceedings at the Supreme Court of India.

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