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PAD device for Katrina

PAD device for Katrina


Shantanu Panigrahi via

09:21 (6 hours ago)

to katrina, katrina, b.john, complaints, me

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For MISS KATRINA SALE of Doncaster

Dear Katrina For Sale

I write to you again under the permission seemingly granted by the General Amnesty of the United Nations acting through the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and Colonies.

Thank you for the silence which under Practice Direction EPD4.6 signifies acquiescence with our adventurous plans shared last year with Kubla Yahoo/Yahya Khan (possiblynotarealdoctor90).

But first, I wish to confirm that I am sending the PAD device for your use to the best address so it is not intercepted by your jealous ex boyfriend.

My records show the address with half-pennies, poundlands and shielings in the vicinity of Guiltford is the most appropriate one. The package will be wrapped in light-skinned paper, sent using a

courier service from Gravesend which will discreetly be paid for in cash.

If it is not the best address, give me a sign and the correct one.

You will need to use the Progressive Anal Dilator for a minimum of four hours daily for three weeks, most conveniently at night times but it is your choice. My nickname when at Kingston College of FE

was "donkey", not foretelling your donkeycaster attempt, in recognition of my girth.

Then our mystic union under Vishishta-Advaita can be less disagreeable for you. Before commencement on the day, there are a few contractual documents for you to sign. My lawyers Mr John and Mr Jonathon Bodge advised me about these during our oral consultations but for reasons unclear to me at the time were reluctant to give me their drafts in writing.

There is a second advantage to your preparation with the device. My company Satyam Stamp Supplies has become moribund but advertising and selling the PAD could rejuvenate ten entrepreneurs also.

Anticipated demand could be very high except for lawyers who already have sufficiently large chawal-holes.

Due to that madarchod buccaneer PC Nicholl's theft of my family devices, I took extra-ordinary measures to send you this message in a manner that does not carry undue repercussions. Soon my injunction will be served and under its terms I will seize my property back, end the careers of all those bhosadiwale humanimal morons responsible, and severely punish their families too. Working for Medway Electoral Services I collected all the information in anticipation.

If everything between us goes as is planned, I will again re-contact Quickie Divorce or Managed Divorce and lawfully dispose of the kutia. My book sales, you are a super-star in them, were 120 pounds and 12 pence and she is entitled to half of that, nothing more.

I know your excitement is rising but you must be patient. You are almost exactly the same age as my daughter which adds a spice. If you perform satisfactorily, I will cancel the charges I pressed against your ex for when he posted in AOL as phands to call me a brown turd floating in the sewer, which aggravation can carry life imprisonment. I will also put on hold my rejuvenated E35YM660 proceedings incorporated into ME010463 and HQ17X01773, neutral Norwegian citation OTP-CR-76/22, against Prime Minister Boris Johnson and 1,750 other criminals, see

Is what is required or demanded of you in return now clearly enough understood? If you have any questions use the confidential premier boutique contact form at who specialise in international strategical alliances like ours.

Swami Shantananda

The Most Enlightened One (Nexa Law)



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