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Preparing The End Review

The pages of this book up to this point cannot be altered because the compilation that I have made was explicitly authorised by God at 9.43 pm on 1 November 2015 by His instructions to send it to AuthorhouseUK for its publication after I had conducted detailed checking of the contents that were included - whether or not the material presented in parts of the book or on the whole make coherent sense in terms of readability.

Neither the Medway County Court nor Salford Business Centre that processes small claims replied to my email of 31st October 2015 and AuthorhouseUK too was silent on the 1 November 2015-draft of the book, so that the full scale of the State-organised persecution on me was now clear. With this background there is nothing more I can do, and I await my fate.

This book will however be written to its completion for some publisher other than AuthorhouseUK in due course. With that in mind I have started this end-review on 2 November 2015 for I see that my struggle for survival in dignity amid all odds within the United Kingdom is over and I no longer see any dangers to me from the legal authorities that besieged me over the 17 years. The courts used to persecute me would have had to deal with the contents that I have presented as facts in the latest version of the book as submitted to AuthorhouseUK and it was clear from the days silence that the State did not want to go through that ardous process of examining the details that I have alleged.

The State is however cornered for Authorhouse will have to, sooner or later, deal with the matter for I have paid a publishing package fee: when this forces the courts to act I will not give it the chance to review for the eventual publication of this book unchallenged by anyone will be the correct course for me to take in order to clear my name and attain justice: in other words I will not give the courts the opportunity to cover up now that the full truth is known to me of how the State operated against me through bodies that it regards as its institutions.

In this way I plan to live my life here in the United Kingdom peacefully and to review my experiences for this End-Review, the final chapter of my book.

8.45 pm, 2 Nov 2015.

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