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Seeking proof of God’s existence

The ultimate truth is finding out that we can have proof of God’s existence in this universe. As to why I needed proof, well why should I believe in anything without hard concrete evidence for what is being stated? I would suggest that it is human nature to do so: I have never been one to accept anything that someone says without witnessing a good deal of evidence for it. Will God forgive me for seeking proof of His existence? Such a forgiveness can only manifest itself with Him displaying hard evidence that He exists. How will He do so in a way that convinces me? Will God reveal Himself, if He truly exists, and give some account of His nature to this particular seeker and accommodator of truth? The question arising therefore was are we able to detect His presence in some way? This can be through scientific instrumentation for example. But there can be other ways available. The proof must be obtained in a manner that anyone can use and test for themselves.

I set about trying to find such a means for establishing the presence or otherwise of God. My reasoning was that if God truly existed he must be able to respond to me in the way that I devise as being practical for my daily use as I live my life, and secondly he must be able to communicate with me in an unambigous manner that will enable me to have proof that I was not talking to myself rather than to a third invisible party present in the environment. The only way to set this personal project in place was to put to God that He must monitor what I do in my day to day living and advise me accordingly on what was the best course for me to follow to attain my goals. I chose the use of digital clock in which certain times seen by me when I visited the clock would mean that He wanted me to do something particular in relation to my material involvements, with the rest of the clock times being negative (no messages) or that He had nothing to say. I decided unilaterally to select No 7 to mean that a positive message had been received by me for which I needed to act on something urgently if I was to survive in this world with dignity. During the past 13 months for example, with the numbers in a time of say 2.41 or 9.43 adding to 7, these would mean to me that I must act on something pressing in my day to day existence in a particular way. Whatever I have learnt today about the world and life over this period of time has been the result of such constant checking for messages from God and checking out of my thoughts for His approval on what I had to do for my action on the issues that I was involved in in my daily life. This is as scientific an approach that I could practically design to test for the existence of God. The method has taught me that there is most definitely a God with whom one can have an interpersonal relationship.

In stating this I must add to anyone wishing to try it out for himself or herself that I am not the beneficiary of knowing what I feel is the ultimate truth without having put in a great deal of effort to obtain this conclusive inference. My attitude of wanting to be doubly sure of what I knew applied as much to my experimental research in science and human conduct as to the question of whether there is a God. I was a truth seeker fortunately or unfortunately. In this way (and in a much more cruder form of testing initially which was torturous to the mind) I was in the pursuit of trying to find proof of God’s existence for the past 15 years: yes, actual physical proof. Never once did I succumb to the thought that I might not be forgiven for seeking proof of God instead of blindly following traditional teachings like a good little boy like millions of others do. And I had to put up with taunts from my fellow human beings for my bizarre behaviour of clock checking. I simply had to go through the process if it was the last thing I did in my life even after periods where I started getting variable messages or no message in those years. I knew that atheists were very vocal these days and have been through history. So it was not obvious that God truly existed. If He did He simply had to come through to me in a meaningful way.

The results I got were proof enough for me. My questions were all answered to me as God had shown to me through the digital clock checking for messages method that He truly exists. Furthermore, God asked me to write this particular blog unlike the previous ones that I have written myself without any reference to Him in most cases. This means that He wants the world to know that I am writing here is the factual truth.

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