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Sultry days and months

If no reply is received from Hodge Jones and Allen or the Legal Ombudsman to my 18 December 2015, 8.57 pm email, a formal Legal Ombudsman’s Complaint Form will not be sent in as it will be evidence of Criminal Conspiracy or Misconduct in Public Office for the private prosecution started at Maidstone Magistrates Court, for I will argue that once a Case Number has been issued by the Legal Ombudsman the complaint has become formally lodged and subsequently clarified.

At first sight I felt that the letter I sent to Hodge Jones and Allen was so convincing that I could send it to a Civil Court for damages, but it would only have been covered up as with all previous attempts at securing justice. The final sentence is designed to trap the moron by implying that no Case has yet been registered with the Legal Ombudsman so that it has no reason not to reply to my email. But ofcourse he is part of the State’s persecution apparatus that was mobilised on me so that he would not be able to reply. For this reason copying the email to the Legal Ombudsman places on record that I suspect conspiracy between the two as previously alleged so legitimising the private prosecution proceedings with Mr Dodds. However, the entire Justice System and Law Enforcement Agencies was mobilised to persecute me and this included Mr Dodds. I therefore needed to blog this act of having formalised the private prosecution proceedings yesterday (Saturday) before Mr Dodds came back to his office in order to place on record in the media that private prosecutions had commenced which the public could now simply telephone the Court at any time on the number given to obtain the details. Waiting for Monday would have been too late for he could have replied to my last email by saying that my application had been rejected in which case the blog would not have been registered to crucify the bastards by exposing the injustice. The idea therefore is to fight on to save my reputation in total no-holds barred warfare.

I am therefore keeping on very good terms with the owners of the Newsagency and doing all the extra work that they are asking me to for menial £5 per hour payments for I need to keep this job going for as long as my fight with the ‘madarchods’ of the British State is not over.

On 21 December 2015, nothing came from Hodge Jones and Allen and nor from Mr Dodds. At 1.20 pm however, the landline phone rang. Ms Rebecca Carter of Authorhouse wanted to speak to me asking me about the review of the agreement that another book would be submitted. I said I was not going to submit another book you have to publish ‘The Allurement of Reality’ or refund my £586. She said you took this matter to the Court. Have you heard anything or do you have any idea when the Court will decide? I said it was for the Court to decide, I had made my submission. The book was submitted to the Court. You have the Court’s email address so why don’t you ask them what is decided? I then said this was self publishing which means you have no say in the matter. I take all the risks with self publishing. It is a historical book. Everything in it is a fact. She said ‘We publish historical books’. I said ‘There are no libellous material. Do you wan’t me to submit the full book? She did not answer to this. But said that we can’t publish if there are libel issues in it I said I asked the Court to decide and am happy to abide by its decision. You are protecting the criminals by not publishing it. I can’t force you to publish. The Court has been stuffed by me. She then said that this conversation is being tape recorded. I replied, you are not allowed to tape record any conversation without prior permission from me. This is why you are phoning me after not replying to the email I sent. You are part of the British State. You are trying to manipulate proceedings with this call. Send me a transcript of this conversation if you have the guts. All that I suffered in this country over 17 years is being prevented from publication by you. She said I am sorry you suffered. I said ‘Dont be. This conversation will be blogged. The entire book will be blogged to prove this. Send me an email with a transcript of this conversation. You publish or refund the £586. That is also what is explained in the book. You are a criminal. Do you think I was born yesterday? All the facts are checked. It is all blogged. No one has been able to sue me for libel. I sent an email to Authorhouse and no reply came. I asked the Court to award costs against Authorhouse. She said she would send me an email. Conversation ended

I took no action because I did not wish to raise another issue with an email which would have been sent to the Court by Authorhouse. Nothing came from her until the early evening, when an email arrived, as follows:

On Monday, 21 December 2015, 17:15, AuthorHouse Rebecca Carter <> wrote:

Dear PID 728480 _ The Allurement of Reality

Dr. Panigrahi,

Attached is the copy of your terms and conditions. In Section 4.3, it states:

4.3 Content Guideline Compliance. You are responsible to ensure that Your Manuscript complies with Our Content Guidelines, as set forth on the Site, including, but not limited to, restrictions regarding content, interior design, and cover design. We will perform a content evaluation on Your Manuscript to evaluate compliance with Our Content Guidelines. If We determine that Your Manuscript does not comply with Our Content Guidelines, We will request that You revise the Manuscript in order to bring it into compliance. If You do not wish to make the necessary revisions to comply with Our Content Guidelines, You or We may terminate this Agreement in accordance with Section 8. The content evaluation is for Our internal use only; You may not rely on the results of the content evaluation for any purpose whatsoever. If We determine, in Our discretion, that a complaint about the content of Your Work may not be promptly resolved, regardless of Our evaluation of the merits of the complaint, We may permanently or indefinitely discontinue the publication of Your Work.

During content evaluation stage, we found that the entire manuscript contained several potentially libelous statements that will harm the reputation of very specific characters. Removing the libelous content is not an option because doing that will remove the sense of the story. The author has to use an acceptable pen name and follow all the steps to hide identities.

Here are the options for you to resolve the issues raised.

1. Hide identities of the people, places, and things in the work so that they cannot be recognized by the information contained in the work. The following steps must be taken in order to hide identities.

o Use a pen name in all locations where your real name would have appeared in the book and/or on the cover.

o Use false names for all other people mentioned in the work.

o Use false names for businesses or not use names for them at all. Examples of businesses that would need to have their names hidden: restaurants, hospitals, organizations/clubs, educational establishments, such as high schools and universities, etc.

o Change the location where the story takes place.

o No images of recognizable people or things that would lead to anyone’s identification.

2. Removing all potentially libelous claims and also removing statements that might invade a person’s privacy.

3. Obtain notarized express written permission from all parties being discussed permitting you to retain the potentially libelous claims and information about them that might invade their privacy.

We received a revised version of your manuscript but that version didn’t address the potentially libelous issues in your files.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Rebecca Carter Check-in coordinator AuthorHouse

1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington, IN 47403

P: 888.728.8467 ext: 5868 F: 812.339.6554 P: 0800.197.4150 (UK) ext: 5868 F: 0800.197.4151 (UK)

She had not sent me a transcript as I had asked but was discussing the Allurement of Reality book, so obviously she wanted me to submit my arguments so that it could be filed into the Court to get the court released from its position of inability to action, and to protect Olympia Publishers for the State. I therefore did not make any reference to the conversation over the telephone either for she would have been able to send it to the Court and get me into trouble. Instead, Iwrote back:

PID 728480 _ The Allurement of Reality (2)

Shan Panigrahi <>


AuthorHouse Rebecca Carter

Today at 7:47 PM

Dear Ms Carter

1. It was agreed with Ms Ivy Mendola that for my £586 Publishing Fee, by some time during 2016 I would produce a book, entitled 'The Evolution of Mankind' that focuses on humanity in terms of science and religion and draws from my numerous blogposts because such a book will not contain any references to any named human being so it will not raise the concerns that are important for AuthorhouseUK on libel and invasion of privacy. Were you not informed of this?

2. If this is not acceptable to AuthorhouseUK please refund my £586 immediately into the same Bank Account from which it was debited.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

This did not get a reply thus proving the organized attempt to torture me and quell my resistance to the oppression, that was further evidenced by the following comment the Egregious_c passed in my latest blogpost ‘Private Prosecution formalized at Maidstone Magistrates Court’ after the email came from Ms Rebecca Carter and before I could get round to repelled it. I needed full control over my Blog and get this insect out of my path so launced a massive attack on the State bastards who have been using this moron to put my blogging in jeopardy:

1. LOL!!!! I’ll bet that you end up in jail for this one.

Comment by egregious_c | December 21, 2015 | Reply

o I see that WordPress has not banned you for your stalking harassment on me and no extradition warrant has been issued by the UK judicial authorities under my report of Internet Complaints to get you over to the UK to face this charge in a criminal court despite the commencement of my private prosecution.

Comment by shantanup | December 21, 2015 | Reply

By 22 December 2015 morning nothing arrived and I updated this book so as to be ready to stuff it into consideration by a Court if I am threatened with actions designed to take away my liberty. This is how that State has organized the persecution. Whether or not this persecution is entirely the work of guna consciousness rather than being humanly conspired that I am still unsure about the effect is the same: oppression that must be resisted with the fullest force possible individually targeting each of their morons who come into my path to put me off my strive to save my reputation and live in dignity. I am an individual, whereas these bastards are part of the western value-based State apparatus, with Big State of USA coming in to protect its Little State of UK through Egregious_C. Authorhouse similarly is a USA firm with its British counterpart AuthorhouseUK protecting the State criminals by not replying to my latest email of whether the alternative book that I have proposed is acceptable for my money. For I intend to play it safe and survive in the UK to write all my books to crucify the bastards with beginning with ‘The Allurement of Reality’ with Olympia Publishers and ‘The Evolution of Mankind’ with Authorhouse, whilst I blog and take out my revenge for the way my career was destroyed. I have got answers ready to channel myself towards this end.

After writing the above passage, the following email came from AuthorhouseUK’s Rebecca Carter but nothing else indicating that I should accept rejection of ‘The Allurement of Reality on the grounds of libel issues. It had to be countered to ensure that the matter is considered by the Court at some stage by some means to have the State persecution recorded in court proceedings.

On Tuesday, 22 December 2015, 10:50, AuthorHouse Rebecca Carter <> wrote:

Hi Shan,

Yes, I was informed by Ivy about the new manuscript that you want to submit in replacement of The Allurement of Reality and that was the main reason why I called yesterday. I called to touch base with you regarding the materials but was confused when you talk again about libel issues which gives me an impression that you want to publish The Allurement of Reality wherein we cannot unless the issues are addressed.

If you already have the materials for The Evolution of Mankind, please forward it to me so we can evaluate it.


Rebecca Carter Check-in coordinator AuthorHouse

My reply was to record that there is a dispute on what was discussed in the telephone conversation, as follows:

PID 728480 _ The Allurement of Reality (4)

Shan Panigrahi <>


AuthorHouse Rebecca Carter

22 December 2015 at 12:08 PM

Dear Ms Carter