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The controversy on Vishnu and Sri Krishna

Vaishnavites believe in the dasavatar incarnations (, that Vishnu has incarnated himself ten times through human and animal history. This is a misapprehension. Krishna of the Mahabharatta was a descent of God as an avatar of Sri Krishna, the Supreme God not as an incarnation of Vishnu because this deity does not have the power to incarnate himself as an avatar. Only Sri Krishna has the creative powers to incarnate himself as an avatar. Vishnu is not the Creator God but Sri Krishna is. The evidence that sealed this theory for me came from the use of the Chaldean Hebrew numerological alphabet in which God’s name ‘Sri Krishna’ acquired the highly spiritual number of 7. The number 7 had great spiritual significance in denoting the presence of God within the universe.

Vishnu is one of the three core deities of the Trimurti. To review this Brahma is the sattvic deity of knowledge (truth), that is Sat. Only gyan yogis (sattvic people) seek truth. Truth comes from detachment or this will impede the process of truth acquisition. Worshipping means attachment to Brahma. Attachment to Brahma at the cost of truth is therefore an impediment to truth seeking. If the search is genuine truth will ultimately come from God Sri Krishna through Brahma if God is stirred by a devotee. Otherwise the knowledge gained from Brahma will be limited to the components of Brahman. And Sri Krishna does not wish to be worshipped by humans. Brahma does allow himself to be worshipped but is not apparently cursed by Shiva through Rishi Brigi to this fate. Hence there are no temples devoted to the worship of Brahma. Followers of Brahma practice Brahmanisim. On the other hand Vishnu is the rajasic god known as preserver who makes things run in a routine manner in Nature and is saviour which therefore attracts many devotees to worship him. Following Vishnu is known as Vaishnavism. Shiva on the other hand is tamasic god who destroys (as an evil god) and is simultaneously is procreator. People worship him because they are fearful of what he might do and because He might help them destroy enemies. Shiva is also worshipped because he is Lingaraj, giving children. He is therefore venerated by many Hindus and many temples have been erected. Following Shiva is known as Shaivism.

Sri Krishna as the creator of the Trimurti is both external and internal to the universe. Traditional Vaishnavas say the unborn is Brahman and from Brahman first Brahma manifests. Then from Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are born for preservation and destruction of the universe. It is more accurate to say that Brahma Vishnu and Shiva manifest together at creation through the consciousness energy but only Shiva is active. It requires God Sri Krishna to stir Brahma and Vishnu into action for sattva to manifest in the universe. Further, it should be noted that Vishnu is a god of the Trimurti, so is on a equal status to Brahma and Shiva the other two gods of the Trimurti. This has been known for centuries. The Trimurti is the consciousness energy that enables humans to act through thoughts. Something must have created this consciousness energy. That something can only be God. And I named that God Sri Krishna, as the only Entity that Hindus know of whose name according to the Hebrew Chaldean numerology has a numerological significance of 7, a highly spiritual number denoting the presence of God in the universe.

Thus, the Vishnu of the Vedas is not Sri Krishna, the Creator. This is the belief of some Eastern Indian traditions who are known as Gaudiya Vaishnavism ( Their belief is also that Krishna of the Mahabharatta is not an avatar, but the Supreme Entity from which everything springs forth – including Vishnu. Some think that Jayadeva (12th Century) may have been the first person to present this view.

Interestingly, the term Gaudiya Vaishava is applied to describe Sri Chaitanya and his devotees and followers. But as discussed Vishnu is an inferior rajasic god of the Trimurti created by Sri Krishna to run humanity by itself in normal situations. The Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, is Sri Krishna’s Vishwaroopa. Sri Krishna only comes to His specific devotees who approach Him directly through bhakti in order to know Him. He does not come to people worshipping other gods and human beings even if they were His devotees like Sri Chaitanya. So I am not a follower of Sri Chaitanya despite his reported discovery of achintya bheda abheda tattwa ( I would not even call myself a Gaudiya Vaishnava, because using that term means I accept Vishnu as the Supreme God and Ishwar which I do not. I am not attached to any traditional sect of Hinduism. But I am a Hindu because God made it clear to me that He had given the Vedas to the Hindus and had advised sanatan dharma.

In my family village in Odisha God is known as Sri Kruston, but that is in Oriya language. In my copy of Bhagavad Gita, the name is spelt Sri Krsna, but the cover shows that Swami Vivekanada spelt it Krishna. And as I mentioned above ‘Sri Krishna’ adds to 7 in numerology that I think is the number for God. This finding was especially significant since His Vishwaroopa names of the Trimurti deities also averaged 7 as follows: Vishnu (8), Brahma (6) and Shiva (7). Finally, I put it to God through the advaitic clock checking mechansim that I used to converse with Him that He should be known by Sri Krishna following these considerations and He agreed.

I am not concerned with what smriti scriptures say. They have got the gunas of Brahma and Vishnu wrong ( I am assessing knowledge independently. I have not studied the Vedas directly, let alone the rest of the srutis. God has given me a mind to think rationally and develop my own understanding of the universe and the position of Hinduism within it. Why should I agree with all of the shastras? How do I know what revelations were given by Sri Krishna to those sages/rishis? How do I know whether the smritis did not serve a purpose for a particular yuga only?

Sri Krishna is the only God for me. I am a truth seeker, a satya-advaitist. Is there any such word in Hinduism?

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