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The End of the Harassment of Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

The End of the Harassment of Dr Shantanu Panigrahi


Shantanu Panigrahi via

16:52 (29 minutes ago)

to enquiries.medway.countycourt, erteam1, retailhrteam, shanpanigrahi3000, v.c.martin3

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Dear Nic

If BP stubbornly refuses to give me a retail job (Witan House's second rejection as Customer Service Assistant bored reference 30539) then they should let these words sink in. I have not one alternaria but to inform them I know how to use a rag of cloth at a petrol station, in such a manner as to bypass the automatic cutoff valves and other hazard management devices. I have years of experience to study the pump fudge mechanisms.

The Courts must allow me to exclude the £ 55,000 annual income of the kutia from my household income and grant a 100% ree remission on the basis of my anti-dormanted accounts for The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited. If Medway Fees Office continues to act in a lackadaisical manner and ignore my demand then I too have means of dealing with it similarly I will with BP Lenham.

The kutia claims I have a severe and complicated mental disorder and that it is inherited. She and her other Praharaj criminals do this on these grounds, that insanity runs in my family. That is

not true as you can see from the timeline below here. My late father Gopinath had several convictions for molesting young girls but his worst excesses were against my sister Meera.

My late mother committed suicide over this, and tried also to take the life of my sister at the same time, but by the grace of dog the madwoman was unsuccessful, for I would go on to obtain

much nocturnal satisfaction from my sisters, daytime also but on a bicycle only with Soumya. Panda family still are unaware.

My elder brother, "N", reincarnated as Nayantara Sriram of the United Kingdom Government Legal Department Team HO19, also took his own life while suffering from severe physical and mental ailments but it was covered up to avoid a second family scandal.

My own daughter Rupa had many mental health referrals but now, through the Grace of Hanumanji, she has a stable job which does not involve serving fast food.

About my deranged brother in law, and my mama, I will inform you later, because I am not a silent slave to the Wicked green evil Queen of this Co-ordinated Crime Syndicate operating as a United Kingdom of CIA. My Injunction Application HWF-9K4-EYL/

under HQ17X01773 proceedings is issued and will progress as I take into custody for interrogation in stress positions all the criminals responsible with authorisation from OTP-CR-76/22.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane





Tel: 07967789619


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