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The ethics from the practice of satya-advaita

Satya-advaita or truth accommodation is the highest form of ethics because it results in the fewest enemies (in fact next to no enemies who might want to hurt you because you have done them some harm) and least stress, thus generating a life of contentment, even bliss. One can go and live anywhere with this philosophy that only becomes a religion when it realises that God is monitoring one’s life and assisting the individual. Truth accommodation is a personal endeavour to rid oneself of delusions. Over time one develops the optimal ethics that enables the person to live and let live with a pluralistic outlook. That pluralism reaches the point where one totally pacifistic and non-violent until one is on the verge of being attacked where upon one will do only what is necessary to avoid being oppressed. This is the when the process is reaching the end point of total knowledge or enlightenment. The truth path works because it is God-ordained. When one is in danger of going down the wrong path God intervenes to put the person back on course. One does not make important mistakes in one’s dealings.

Asking God directly for guidance can only be done by freeing oneself of holy books, preachers, established religions, isms, prejudices and desires. The acquisition of revelatory knowledge requires devotion to truth-seeking as a spiritual practice. The name for the process is gyan yoga, or the yoga of knowledge acqusition. When the mind is pure it will apprehend truth and the right ‘dharma’ (duties and righteous actions) will dwell in the aspirant’s mind. He/she will then be guided into the right ethics on how to live one’s life. The ethics are contained in the words truth accommodation. If there have been others who have followed my method to get to know God’s views they would have arrived at the same conclusions. Those who have not adopted my method would have arrived at different conclusions. It is to be expected that God would reveal this philosophy of life to all people at all times and those who have prescribed different wisdom are highly unlikely to have taken their directions from God entirely. Thus, we have man-made religions that people follow from so-called messiahs and prophets at different points in history and at different geographical locations. God may have tolerated these religions but not prescribed them. For me at an individual level He taught me how to be the best person that I can be and live contentedly achieving what I needed for my survival. This is because I asked him for specific advice on how to live and help with my project works in the form of writings on ‘The Evolution of Mankind’ and ‘Knowledge for World Conservation’. I observed many things that happened which I decided were not accidental and random incidents but genuine facilitating of my path to the truths needed for these projects. In other words God is a Personal God dwelling inside everyone who is generally dormant but can be activated by devotional worship to guide and help the individual striving for truth and justice. In the process He will teach the aspirant the optimal values and ethics.

People would have to have approached God the same way to end up with the same prescription on ethics. Some of the religions we see people caught up in do have elements that are consistent with what I have found independently so I cannot say that none of them are based on revelations from God made to certain individuals whom history regards or knows by the names of prophets and messiahs. But the Holy Books of Bible or the Quran are both inconsistent in numerous respects to my beliefs, while Buddhism deals with something entirely different as a means of psychologoical self therapy. So I do not see any of the major world religions as being totally God-prescribed.

On the other hand I know that individually many other people have come to the same conclusion that I have from individual truth seeking so that it is very likely that the manner of their truth search has led to the same revelations that have come to me. This is to say that If God genuinely wanted to help people with knowledge about how his world of humanity and indeed how the universe works so that we have the tools to live optimally consistent with the holistic approach necessary to survive well He would give the same message to all people who approach Him sincerely in devotion, or who meet the elementary principles of truth accommodation without realising the Power source that lay behind their knowledge acquisition.

A lot of things may happen by pure chance but to the devotee seeking the truth to be at one with the truth, God will come through and make things happen specific to the truth search in terms of the practice of truth accommodation.

As to who am I to be telling God what I need: I am a human being of the planet interested in knowing how humans should be living their lives. That should be the highest human goal. Human beings could not teach me so I turned to God to see if He exists firstly and to then see if He could and would come to me to show me the way to truth. I never had any interest in God except seeking the facilitation of knowledge into my mind in order to be as enlightened as possible. It is for God to decide whether to listen to my mental suffering of ignorance and the plea for knowledge. He apparently loves truth seekers who are free of biases, prejudices and attachments, for I am happy with what I know now.

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