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The Implications of Vishwaroopa

It is a futile exercise for me to try and save the world when I consider the implications of the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva components of guna-consciousness in relation to their direction of troops in humanity and God Sri Krishna overlording them as the Creator and Preserver of the universe (see It is my understanding that the entire humanity functions through the thoughts and beliefs generated by the triad guna-consciousness. This is the Vishwaroopa that Krishna was displaying in the Mahabharratta first to Duryodhana and then to Arjuna on the battlefield. Once this realisation dawned on me my question was what is all my knowledge for? Can the whole world be saved by what I have found? Can the entire humanity become dharmic followers of God Sri Krishna and adopt a vegan diet for example? Why should I be active in promoting such an idea when it makes no sense to me that on the one hand the guna-consciousness mechanism would be created and then God would be saying that ‘Oh do not worry about that, just follow the dharma that I have prescribed’. Why did He create guna-consciousness in the first place if He could have directed everyone to follow his prescribed path to liberation? He would have created a different guna-consciousness of Brahma only if He wanted to save humanity.

So it is stupid for me to try and save the world of humankind by my recommendations of what constitutes dharma or dharmic living which would please God Sri Krishna. Hindus can do what they want. I have given my own version of the ideal world that has a sound footing in morality in the absence of God in the scene. I should therefore not try and save the world by saying that God had imparted the latest wisdom and knowledge into me to go forth and save the world as a Messiah. I should not lead by example either by becoming a vegan and so the ideal Hindu because God has told me this is the right path. I should only become a vegan if a great many other people also see the sense of it and do the same thing so that it would makes some material difference to the way we live sustainably on this planet. For people are going to want to know ‘why the hell did God create the guna-consciousness for that is causing so many deaths and destruction of peoples lives and property around the world through the religions and other beliefs’. I will have to tell them that He created this mayhem through the guna-consciousness so as to use human beings as puppets on a string without their knowing this because they all apparently exercise a free will. That is amazing but it is the truth as I know it. And He has shown me how this works to display his Vishwaroopa to confirm what we know to be contained in the epic of Mahabharatta. It means that I cannot defend God for the way Creation is. He might of course have created guna-consciousness to show that one needs to seek refuge in Him to attain salvation from the obstacles that He Himself has placed in this world.

It is in this realisation that I am this evening parting company with God (as I am disinclined to practice any religion or ‘the dharma’), unless God makes it clear that I have got my understanding on guna-consciousness wrong. I have theorised my conception and it is now for humanity to try and discover whether what I say is true or false for I have no way of knowing what God is saying on this.

For me truth is the only salvation. I seek truth to accommodate myself in that truth, that is to say, I practice satya-advaita or truth accommodation. God is in favour of this activity, that much I am very sure of for He has assisted my truth path immeasurably – right up to the moment of having published this blogpost. He has however also helped me seek justice in the United Kingdom in my correspondence with the relevant parties involved in Greenwich Legalities, Internet Complaint and UKIP Proceedings thus showing that He will assist an individual performing dharma in his fight with evil-doers, who according to my theory, derive their inspiration from Shiva guna-consciousness.

Edited: 25 August 2014. The only change made above was the inclusion of the hyperlink in the first sentence.

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