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The Nature of Evil

As far as whether the matter was settled or not I had also been reflecting on whether I had truly gone through the process of being taught the difference between gyan (knowledge) and vigyana (science) by the Almighty through this saga. After 41 years of life having worked 18 of those years as a successful scientist but during which I had barked up the wrong tree on more than one occasion in research, was this saga engineered by God to put a stop on my pursuit of science in order to learn about gyan? By the summer of 2006 I was still not fully convinced that I was somehow mentally ill in having persistent delusional disorder but that through this mode had been searching the true meaning of life and was on the verge of establishing whether man was dealing with advaita vedanta, vishista advaita vedanta or dvaita vedanta as outlined in the book by Kim Knott. I was tending to believe in vishista advaita vedanta as I believed the God Himself had been punishing the perpetrators through me and had been feeding me with knowledge as Sri Krishna fed Arjuna with knowledge in the Mahabharatta. So I had to wait and see what was in store in the future - continued delusion of greatness in being a gyan yogi or truly one.

By the summer of 2006 I was delving into the theory of the nature of evil that I had faced in Britain. Being evil did not seem to be result of a genetic trait (despite the selfish gene theory of Professor Dawkins) or else it would run in families and so that there must be a distinct mechanism for it. I considered from my experiences that evil must be manifested upon Earth through a kind of wavelength of operation by a so-called Devil or Satan and that its purpose was to set traps for a soul being purified in a human being to negotiate through life. Souls came into beings at birth to be purified during life and to attain the purity necessary for it to be able to merge with the Soul of souls that was Almighty God. This was variously known as reaching heaven, paradise or nirvana by the religions. If a soul was not sufficiently purified for this to take place it had to re-enter another life at the birth of a being and so on until the purification was complete. This phenomenon was known as reincarnation. The purpose of existence was to resist evil both internally and externally and for this one needed to counter evil at each and every turn, for that was the only way the soul would remain purified enough to escape from the cycle of birth and rebirth. This was the explanation of why I had met with so many hurdles both from so-called friends and colleagues and then from the tribunals and courts and other bodies that I approached during a long struggle to protect my reputation. Evil tried to hide the truth about itself and the way to attack it was to merge with the truth. This was the same as doing only that which was necessary to raise the truth to the surface. For truth was God, the Ultimate Reality, who came to guide one's path in life through physical manifestation upon oneself and one's surroundings. Evil was to be confronted by probing through divine truth and one could go through the most dangerous paths in pursuit of it. This must have been the reason that people belonging to groups like the Hesbollah of Lebanon and Hamas of Palestine chose to take on the might of Israel in their struggle for justice when they had no apparent chance of winning their wars.

Soul of souls ALMIGHTY GOD


9 divine



karmic 6 spheres of

ladder influence of divine

5 and evil spirit




1 evil


souls of


shades of


Belief in God meant that He was Perfect and so must be His Creation. The 'game' of life was summarised in the karmic ladder that individual souls need to ascend up. Souls of different shades of evil existed in space and in living beings and may be graded according to how evil they are from 1 to 9. Souls may be influenced by Almighty God (Divine influence) or by Satan (evil influence). Souls entered living beings at conception or birth. Depending on how purified they were in space a soul entered a living being that they deserved for its needed purification from educational facilities and teachings from life experiences. In space or in living beings souls of the No 1 category could not be influenced by divine spirit and souls of the No 9 category could not be influenced by the evil spirit from Satan as shown in the chart. No 2 to No 8 souls could be influenced by both, and in living beings embarked on a journey of spiritual purification through life and successive lives as these climbed up the karmic ladder. If one attained the level of No 8 one had arrived at the feet of Vishnu, the Saviour Soul of souls, and was ready for absolution - for man could not hope to achieve perfection in this life.

If one lived in a country with a dominance of evil souls of the No 1 category, a semipurified soul had still the influence of the Divine Almighty God and so could withstand all the evil around and stay on the right path of the purification of the soul. The more evil souls there were in a country the more evil the country became because of democracy electing evil souls into positions of power. This explained why America and the United Kingdom had empire building laws and governance. The difficulty I had in bringing the University of Greenwich to a court of law in terms of the short time limits within which to do so and especially the lack of adequate provision to appeal against the decisions of the tribunals and courts with leave to appeal and permission for leave to appeal out of time rules showed that the idea was to dispose of court cases as soon as possible and get on with the task of building the economy and military power. On the other hand a country like India had much more natural justice even though cases lasted for years, a secular constitution and freedom, and was generally peaceful. The more purified a soul was the more chance it had of being born in India where true religious education and proper governance existed to aid the purification of the soul.

Evil people would act in unison, even if there was no actual physical conspiracy between them, against a common enemy and to protect the institutions that enabled empire building and world dominance. This was because evil was manifested through the evil spirit of Satan acting on all the people associated with a particular cause, and this was the reason that Israel was allowed off the hook at the United Nations and was granted time to perpetrate war crimes in Lebanon in 2006. However, it also seemed that the entire game of life was actually played out in the spiritual sphere between God and Satan, and that human beings were simply pawns in the matter. Although at an individual level this was undetectable millions of people believed in fate and said that what was due to happen would happen so that it was better to grin and bear what happened to one. However this did not mean that there was nothing that human beings could do about the situation as clearly there was scope for action.

Evil forces coalesced in different parts of the world at different times through history. Obviously, United Kingdom was not as evil as Hitler's Germany was during the 1930s: with its policy of exterminating the Jews it was probably the most evil regime in the history of the world. Thus, people who may have been under divine protection at some point in their history may have a present generation that was very evil. Israel seemed to be an example of this. America, the land of wastage, was known by some as Satan-evil in interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, consuming the worlds most resources per person and causing the most damage to the environment. Its military bases around the world and in particular its operation of the Guantanomo Bay prison in Cuba and the practice of rendition of war prisoners were further examples of its evil nature. And recently by its association with America the United Kingdom had chosen the same path of evil in its dealings within the state and in international affairs. That was the reason that New Labour got elected on the backs of the working class people of the country to then enact draconian right wing laws and to invade other countries that it disagreed with. There was now more evil in Britain than there had been in the past as could be seen from the record number of prisoners in prisons, the flooding of the country with immigrants from Eastern Europe to deprive the people of jobs and good pay; the new anti terrorism and identity card laws that impinged on civil liberties; moving from free university education to a system of student loans and top-up fees; and the bad conduct of politicians in government generally.

The soul was the gateway to the Infinite and Muslims resisting oppression must also have been working with divine inner compulsion and strength leading to the cult of Islamic suicide bombers in the Middle East and elsewhere. These people could have received divine guidance internally through advaita to be able to give up their lives in their struggle against evil states dominating them on the basis that it would lead to martyrdom, which might be viewed as being a short cut to reaching paradise. On the other hand most people in America and Britain wished to live longer lives and spent a great deal of money on their health systems to prolong life even if living life like a vegetable or with transplanted organs. Prolonging life was not an objective of those living in knowledge of God. For this reason many sages were reported to have chosen their time of departure in India. It was however also possible that some terrorist bombers of innocent people may have derived their guidance from the Evil one, and it was difficult to tell whether they were acting under divine or evil guidance without a thorough analysis of the individuals concerned based on their life history and the evidence that they left behind. In this regard my clock checks at the height of my insanity had revealed that the 9/11 terrorist aeroplane bombing of the Twin Towers in New York was Divinely inspired and that the death of Princess Diana's in a car crash had not been a simple accident but it was planned.

There was therefore something to be said for not sending ones children out of India to live abroad where there was so much ignorance in religious matters. In my case I had been caught by the state system and put into a mental asylum for three months and pumped with their brain altering drugs, and it was only by sheer luck that I did not receive the dreaded electroconvulsive therapy. This was when I had not done any harm to anyone else or myself and was in the prime of my health as I saw it. Also, I could not get a decent job after losing my scientific job unfairly at the University of Greenwich, even with a PhD as one of my qualifications; such was the evil entrenched in the society in the United Kingdom.

However, the quest of my life was to seek the truth, and I had observed that when the search was intense enough the path would be made clear by Almighty God if one was vigil enough and receptive to all kinds of indications. This would happen no matter where one lived. The essence of Hinduism was therefore contained in the saying Satymev Jayate, and it summed up the overall purpose of an individual's life:

Satyam eva Jayate Na anrtam

Satyena Panthah Vitatah Devayanah

Yena Akramantrsayah Heaptakamah

Yatra Tat Satyasya paramam nidhanam

Mudaka Upanisad III i 6

[Truth alone wins, not untruth. By truth is maintained forever the path called Devayana (the path of gods), by which desireless seers ascend to where exists the supreme treasure attainable through truth]

I sent a copy of my theory on the Nature of Evil to a Ms Kim Knott, Head of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds and President of the British Association for the Study of Religions, because I had purchased her book (Hinduism: A Very Short Introduction) early on in this struggle and had been impressed with it. I wrote: I came across your book Hinduism: A Very Short Introduction in 1998 as I was embarking on what turned out to be a search for the truth about my experiences in the United Kingdom. Let me be frank. In 1998 following a 18 year career as a successful scientist my employment was terminated by the University of Greenwich for gross misconduct in that I was judged to have written discourteous letters and emails to colleagues and to have bypassed line management procedures. After 41 years of life having barked up the wrong tree on more than one occasion in research, I wondered whether this saga had been somehow engineered to put a stop on my scientific research in order to learn about jnana. I have felt that I was being taught the difference between jnana and vigyana by the Almighty. To confuse matters however I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and diagnosed by a psychiatrist as suffering from persistent delusional disorder and put on medication. Today I am not convinced that I am not mentally ill but that I have been searching for the true meaning of life and have experienced vishista advaita vedanta. Although my mental state has put a question mark on whether I am in any fit state to be theorising on religion I need to open myself to scrutiny. I therefore hope you will comment on my theory on the Nature of Evil.

I also sent a copy of the theory to the Vivekananda Human Centre with the comments: I wonder whether you can help me a little on Hinduism and on Swami Vivekananda's teachings. I am a Hindu Brahmin who has lived in the United Kingdom for the past 33 years since I was 15 years of age and I have been influenced by all kinds of religious teachings but with Hinduism in particular. I have read Swami Vivekananda's teachings too but nowhere have I found any description of what makes some human beings evil and some very good. Being evil is not genetic because as far as I know it does not run in families. This has led me into considering whether it is a characteristic of the soul (atman or the spirit) that a living being is endowed with that we Hindus believe. I know in Christianity there is the concept of the evil Satan but not so in Hinduism, unless you know different. What has caused me particular difficulty is that Swami Vivekananda said that all souls are potentially divine. I find it difficult to accept this because there are some people so evil that they are beyond any help, is it not the case? In fact they are known as animals. The recent indiscriminate bombing of Lebanon by Israel and the silence of Mr George Bush proves that there is great evil in this world. But as far as I know, Sri Ramakrishna paramhansa and Swami Vivekanada did not have anything to say about this evil. Unless we understand what makes some people this evil there is a limited amount that one can learn from religion. I believe in vishista-advaita vedanta but not everybody does so that the only answer is all souls are not potentially divine. I have therefore developed a theory on the Nature of Evil which I would like the reverend Head of the Vivekananda Human Centre to comment on.

On 5 August 2006, I also sent a copy of the theory on the nature of evil to Mr Paul Clark, MP that I wished to petition Parliament on how to strive towards making the United Kingdom a less evil society with the following statement: From my letter of 28 March 2006 you may have learnt that during the past 8-10 years I have gone through a major struggle of life to protect my reputation in this country following an accusation of gross misconduct and dismissal from a highly successful 18 year scientific career, but that this attempt at securing justice proved to be in vain. The only benefit I got out of the struggle was the knowledge that I then went on to gain. I am a Hindu who has lived in the United Kingdom for the past 33 years since I was 15 years of age but I have also been influenced by the teachings of other religions. I believe in the unity of all religions in that these religions tell us something about God and of the nature of our existence in this world. I felt early on in my struggle that I had come face to face with evil and this had caused my 'riches to rags' story. Out of necessity I turned my attention to a study of the nature of evil from an analysis of my case proceedings and of national and world events, and I tried to work out what makes some human beings evil and some very good. I came to the conclusion that being evil is not a characteristic of the body but of the soul (atman or the spirit) that living beings are endowed with that many religions believe. Further, some religions like Christianity believe that there is the evil Satan who does things, and in Hinduism too there is reference to evil powers in the spiritual world. One has considerable difficulty in explaining the good and evil in this world without incorporating the religion because there is no easy explanation of this in human biology itself that I have been able to find out. The reason for writing to you with this background is that I believe the governance of a country should be based on a consideration of what is a good policy and what is simply evil. We cannot continue to allow a person like Mr Tony Blair to destroy the good name of the United Kingdom and people's lives by for example his ignorant actions over Iraq, and presently, his complicity over the destruction of Lebanon and the Lebanese people by Israel and America. However, one cannot make any progress in this venture unless there is a debate over the fundamental nature of good and evil. I have queried with the Vivekananda Human Centre in London on what Hinduism has to say about this and in particular about my conclusion that Swami Vivekananda may have been wrong in saying that all souls are potentially divine, and I have also written to Ms Kim Knott, Head of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds and President of the British Association for the Study of Religions with my theory of what causes evil. So far there has been no response to these letters. I have therefore considered it appropriate to try and petition Parliament now over this matter with a view to working towards how this nation should strive to a better governance that tends away from evil policies, in the absence of a written constitution and uncertainty over cabinet collective responsibility and the royal prerogative. I am suggesting that the Prime Minister's term in office be limited to 5 years and during this time he should be monitored by a panel on his character and on how he has governed and then be impeached if he has proven himself or herself to be consistently evil in actions.

There were no replies from Kim Knott, the Vivekananda Centre of from Mr Paul Clark.

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