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The Nature of the Lord I experienced

The question foremost in my mind from what I have experienced in terms of my association with God is what have I learnt about His messages for me from the actions that I had taken over the past 17 years. I had made attempts at writing about this earlier but since I was still in the thick of legal developments I had not concluded my views: it had to be reviewed at the end of those struggles and I had to see if I could get God to approve the version that I was now preparing. Did He have further advice for us humans; were there other more serious dangers we humans faced that has caused Him to interject in this manner at this time in history perhaps?

I was personally very concerned about climate change and thus far had reconciled myself to the obvious conclusion that since God is there nothing could go wrong with the Earth- atmosphere system. Were the only people who were deniers of climate change resulting from global warming people who followed a religion or believed that a God is present so we have nothing to worry about? But the evidence of erratic weather patterns in terms of floods and wild fires destroying vegetation in large parts of the world were not something I could ignore. I personally felt that the more fossil fuels we burnt, the more carbon dioxide would be released into the atmosphere and since this carbon dioxide cannot escape to space from what science I did know, it would have to be absorbed by the oceans and vegetation otherwise global warming would get stronger and cause climate to make life on Earth inhabitable for us humans. My personal concerns on the injustices I have felt pales into insignificance when I consider what is at stake with this issue that humanity is faced with and the issue of whether a large asteroid could hit the Earth and bring about catastrophic climate change to decimate humanity. I was therefore concerned that we humans should take steps to avert these dangers. Was not God concerned about these issues? What kind of God would just sit and walk on by as 7 billion of this incredible species of life continued to live unguided to its extermination. In some Hindu thoughts it has even been suggested that God is a Joker playing games with His toys of which human beings are one. So there was me concerned about the natural environment and having blogged about it as well as the loss of biodiversity but had no choice but to put these issues out of my mind because I knew that God definitely existed and the evidence was that He is a Personal God who assisted even a tiny human being such as me in confronting evil so my attitude on the environment had to be that either God will do something to prevent the destruction of the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels or worse perhaps: ‘ke sera sera, whatever will be will be’ should be my guiding motto. Before I finish my time on this Earth I must know the truth so that humanity deals with the reality that only God knows the truth of. I had asked these questions of God at the beginning of my association with Him but He had refused to answer so today I decided that I must make a last ditch effort to try and find out for certain if He had something to say about man’s concerns on the natural environment. What use is my knowledge of God if these gigantic issues are not addressed by Him during my life time, and since that life can end at any moment, this is the central question that I am putting to Him even as I write. Is there a problem that man himself must try and find a solution to rather than wait for Him to do something about or worse let the planet fall apart? Is He warning us humans to wake up for there is nothing that He personally can do about climate change which is a real problem? People will be entitled to ask me these questions and I must be able to tell them that God turned His head away from me for the second time of asking him for help:

2.30: No, to a question posed to God: is there a problem that we humans face with on climate change from global warming arising from fossil fuel burning that we ourselves have to deal with to find a solution for so as not to make Earth less habitable than it is now for us humans?

2.47: Yes, to: so we can go on burning as much fossil fuels as we like and will not cause the Earth-atmosphere system to become destabilised or unbearably warm and wet?

3.11 Yes, to my summary: so we humans have nothing to worry about and do not have to take any protective measures by limiting carbon dioxide release from fossil fuel burning or using carbon dioxide entrapment measures and we will still be able to survive on this planet with our present ways and form?

With that clarified I could move on the issue of the relationship between man and God. For this I must review my evidence to present the Case that a God of some description exists who has guided me through the process of satya-advaita or truth accommodation that I had personally discovered as a means to live my life with in order to find out the reality that exists. I have maintained that there can be no discussion of God without the simultaneous discussion of good and evil. Early on I was considering whether God loved the British, that is, British culture and British values, or hate it. And a related question was how we study God and His ways in this respect and in terms of what he wishes for humanity. If God loved the British would He have assisted me in the manner that I have written about? Did He intervene in my life to get me to undertake the task of enlightening the British through my life and truth-seeking works as an immigrant Hindu living a simple life in the United Kingdom? Or was it just a personal display of Himself and His powers and the specific nature of creation of human life? He seemed to have thrust me as a dharmic person like a cat amongst the pigeons to show the differences in outlook between Hinduism and the British way of life: between living to truth and justice (which is God-blessed) or living to falsehoods (the British State) and to prove to me and through me to the world that the former is superior materially as well as spiritually. I say this because after 17 years of struggle in the British system I am doing fine now and am happily writing my thoughts in a totally free way, fearless (because I have done good in following the right path) of being charged with any misdemeanours or crimes or of being accused with criticisms for my beliefs, or of being marginalised with social ostracism. This mental state has come from having reliance on truth as my guide. In that path God had displaying to me that people follow a real God for He is the source of truth and justice and is all-powerful in making things happen just right to facilitate the survival of a human in his bid to live in dignity when confronted with evil, the evil that was incidentally also part of God’s own creation. Does God love His own generated evil or does he favour good over evil in a clear manner? Did He lose sleep over the destruction of the evil that He Himself has created? Have I really been engaged in destroying that evil through my actions? Or was I just simply just surviving by resisting the persecution as well as I could with the evil being left alone to continue with its evil ways? In dealing with me the British Establishment had manipulated the Indian High Commission and other Embassies, the United Nations, its own law enforcement agencies and had rendered me to a life totally marginalised as a ‘nobody’ working in a Newsagency from early in the morning to make ends meet at the age of 58. But I had fought the oppression that I faced and still had my dignity at the end of my struggle. Throughout, my objective was to do whatever I needed to do just to survive and when the coast was clear to seek justice that revealed to me the truth of the State’s operations and put it up on my blog for the world of humanity to consider for themselves. I had to survive and my Blog had to survive as a record of the suffering that I was put through by the British State so that the world could see and realise just who they were dealing with when they shook hands with a Britisher. Here I try and assess the legacy of my experiences by addressing these questions that draw on my experiences as blogged.

From this tiny island of Great Britain the world was conquered to the extent that it boasted that the sun never sets in the British Empire. It seems impossible to even contemplate now, so how was it attained? It clearly required systems in place within the nation that would enable all efforts to be directed at colonisation and exploitation of the riches from around the globe. My experiences took me through the nooks and crannies of the British State that were hitherto hidden from public view through tremendous secrecy of the nature of the constitution. This is what has been unravelled through my relentless probing using the four law and order issues that God instigated me into setting up. Was it just for knowledge? Or was the objective to dismantle this system once and for all to take mankind into a new era of social development?

The British State protected Secular Cafe’s Phands, Egregious_C, Tanya Cummins and Mr Nick Clegg (seemingly the former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and former leader of Liberal Democrats) from a similar charge of fraudulent malicious harassment, for the conflict between British secularism and Hindu dharma had come to the fore in what I was writing in my Blog on social values and the formation of the ideal society. Allowing this issue into a court of law would have compelled a judge to consider who was right and who was wrong in a legitimate way that is right for an emancipated society. The State authorities prevented that: such was the nature of evil. Evil wished to protect itself and maintain the status quo. Similarly, 17 years since my dismissal from employment from the University of Greenwich, I had through the path of truth accommodation prepared the grounds for yet another attempt at suing the University in a court of law through the proceedings on ME010463 at Medway County Court by using the MSc dissertation matter that had so carefully been stored for me over the 20 year period that I was working on the document. I see that too as something that God had organised for me so that it would one day come into play in my struggle with the British State.

God has said to me that this is the way to live as in the epic of the Mahabharatta: do not let persecutors grind you down and ‘say not the struggle not availeth’: these were God’s advice from my personal experience. How many British people would have the conviction to strive for truth and justice in this manner over such a long period: none, I think. It is all to do with the Hindu dharma imparted in me by God. Similarly, a major political party that won the European Elections was being allowed to get away with perpetrating a hate incident with the police continuing to hold the line that it cannot be converted into a hate crime to force the perpetrators into answering the charge of racism: thus the State did it’s utmost to protect the perpetrators of this wrong doing. God had egged me along to confront evil by challenging the State’s decisions every step of the way in whatever way was open to me to follow. How and why He did that needs to be explored.

My experiences between 1998 and 2004 when I lost my cherished job at the University of Greenwich under the charge of gross misconduct had taught me that British Justice heavily favoured the employer and restricted ordinary people from suing them in a court of law for legitimate grievances of unjust behaviour. This unfortunate finding was repeated when I tried to sue a Shell Company franchisee for whom I worked for a period of two years between 2006 and 2008. Solicitors and barristers could not be relied upon to help someone who was placing truth above all other considerations. I was thoroughly disappointed with the British Justice System from these experiences and all along I questioned whether there was a God who I could turn to for help in my bid to obtain justice and attain truth that I was always enamoured with. If a God truly existed how could He help me in my fight was my central question for I needed help badly to cope with the utter evil that I faced in the way that the British were relating to me.

It was my Hindu upbringing that had led me to looking for God to help me through my misfortunes whilst still at the University of Greenwich and subsequently. During my struggle I had felt all along that I was experiencing a spiritual phenomenon as God seemed to be within me and coming through from my defensive utterances and writings to my colleagues and state authorities. After my dismissal from the university in October 1998 I was at home struggling with legal manouevres to obtain justice against my former employers. It was 1999 that I stumbled across the idea of using a digital clock to try and exchange messages with the divine power that I felt was acting through me on my side. I reasoned with Him that if He was truly God He would somehow come through to me in a meaningful and reliable manner through the digital clock to help with my struggle for survival in amidst this evil. I needed a way of checking out my thoughts of what my actions should be to defend my legal position in interactions with the State’s institutions. The digital clock gave me the way to attain direct communications with the divine Power as God who I urged to come through if He was indeed all-powerful and could do anything He wanted as I had been led to believe. This kind of testing began to yield results in that it was charting my course of pursuing my legal affairs along good and reliable lines. I clock-checked the appropriateness and desirability of my thoughts and actions and exchanged such messages with this invisible power that I had imagined was monitoring me. I would interpret God’s suggestions of the things that I should be doing in my life. I needed it to work for I rationalised that this is the only type of God that was going to be useful to mankind and to me in the great struggle that I had found myself in. My consideration was that only a real God who could help a human being would be worthy of worship and prayer. These were my attempts at communicating with God for I considered that if God truly existed He must have in place a method by which He would be able to relate to us humans. I was entirely convinced that I had found that such a God existed from reasoning that his messages to me had made me think that He was on my side as I struggled to try and save my reputation in the United Kingdom following the loss of my job at the University of Greenwich. The British medical system did not take kindly to these religious practices and I ended up spending two short spells incarcerated in mental hospitals, the first in 2004 for a 3 months period sectioned by the Mental Health Act and the second episode in 2008 when it considered that I suffered a severe relapse of the same psychotic episode. On both occasions the medical authorities released me soon enough saying that that I was suffering from a condition that is termed ‘persistent delusional disorder’. Of course I was, for I was forever searching the truth about everything that came into my path and had to rationalise and understand the world around me and in the universe in that rational manner. This was knowledge acquisition and I was keen to start a website twice named, ‘knowledge for world conservation’. This was finally accomplished to the best of my ability but not until January 2014, whereupon I took the task to write my book on my quest for truth accommodation. The result was that my mind was at peace with itself for I felt I had understood life in light of the existence of God. The British National Health Service put me on medication but the cure I found was not through drugs but through knowledge that would clarify the mind of its delusions. Knowledge was the counselor that quelled the mind and made me live normally. I still took my Risperidone medication to be on the right side of my doctor and family who were always concerned about my mental state, and because it fetched me Disability Living Allowance from the State Welfare System but I knew deep down that medication had been of little or no benefit to me.

If man was to seek a religion to form the basis of his life he must necessarily seek the highest religion. I questioned at considerable length whether I was a Christian or a Hindu and also examined the religions of Buddhism and Islam. But in the end I rejected them all and settled for the religion of truth accommodation. I believed that it had given me peace of mind from true knowledge and understanding finally as I discovered the ultimate form of pluralism. Truth accommodation is the blend of science and religion that is facilitated by God when the search is strong which is why I believed that I had discovered the highest form of religion. I have tested it in all I do and my book in preparation described such a process in which I took upon the task of investigating the British Judicial System through direct communications with its players on a matter of contemporary importance as humanity entered the internet age. Having a Hindu upbringing I coined the term satya-advaita, or oneness with truth to describe the path and process of truth accommodation. It made for a tortuous life in which I was constantly in search of the truth of all matters and situation but from the practice I overcame my depression from the earlier events in my life by going to internet discussion forums and by doing a sales job again in a petrol station near my home until the garage closed down. In the discussion forums my quest was to intensely search for the truth on all aspects of life from biology to religion for I needed to know whether a God truly existed and if so what was the evidence that He might be forthcoming with to prove this. I found that God existed as a personal guide who made things happen and aided truth search.

I had experienced God in my life through a digital clock checking of messages that I would interpret as being suggestive of things that I should do. I did not know right until the end why He would wish me to be doing any of the things that I had ended up doing which had led me to spend two spells of time in mental hospitals, the first in 2004 for 3 months under sectioning by the Mental Health authorities and the second episode being in 2008.

Through the Internet Complaint, UKIP Proceedings and Shell Tribunal issues I was once again fighting for justice and this is where I once again found that God had come to my assistance and got my strategy and tactics worked out for me on how to make my case move forward through the British Justice System. I wrote my book in order to document my experience of receiving God’s guidance to pursue my legitimate objective of trying to secure justice in the United Kingdom. In the three years up to 2014 from the time a person by the internet name of Phands started to harass me over the internet with insults for what I had been writing on issues such as marriage and rape with regard to human relationships between the sexes. I was a pluralist who made it a point to understand all points of views which angered this person who then pursued me to other websites to make my presence in the forums impossible. When I then received another malicious communication from a Mr Nick Clegg (seemingly the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) in my blogsite at wordpress, I decided that my right to free speech was being criminally violated by these individuals and I should test out whether they had in fact broken any laws of the United Kingdom by their malicious utterances against me in public fora. I found myself once again fighting for justice and this is where I again encountered God who came to my assistance to facilitate my path by getting my strategy and tactics worked out on how to move my case forward through the British Justice System. I wrote my book in order to document this experience of how the British Establishment protected these people as criminals through manipulation of institutions and officials that simply carry out the wishes of people operating from behind the scenes.

These revelations were shown to me by God’s intervention to guide me in my pursuit of justice, and I set out in this book precisely when He got me to do particular things with both the judicial institutions and the political party that was eventually to consider the matter and complete the exposure of how the British Establishment operates.

Truth accommodation uncovers the truth carefully and precisely, and is the ultimate justice because it is monitored by God. It therefore satisfies. When the total truth is known one becomes pluralistic and appreciates diversity having risen beyond all religions to know the reality of God-created universe. All the delusions and uncertainties are gone at the end of the journey when realisation is reached. There is nothing further to be learnt or done.

I have described in detail in this Blog the incidents in my life with regard to my passage through the British legal and political scene during 2012-2014 in order to demonstrate the process of truth accommodation. There is never any attachment to a particular anticipated outcome: it takes its own course to raise truth to the surface. That exposure of truth is also the justice that is appropriate for all the parties concerned in the incidents for they have all had the opportunities to state their case. The writing of my book was an essential component of the process of truth accommodation for the truth had to be told and not hidden to die after I was no longer in this world. The book was thus written safely without fear of any problems or litigation to be caused to me from people and institutions whose names appear and who implicitly are criticised for the actions or lack of appropriate ones in what I wrote. Thus, this autobiographical account of my life over the past 17 years was a historical document on the attempts to obtain judicial redress as a victim of crime that I tried so hard to have instituted and publicised on the legal processing of criminality that the British Justice System was reticent in implementing. The private citizen could not ask the Crown Prosecution Service to consider prosecuting an individual for a crime for it only considered submissions from official bodies such as the Police or the Home Secretary. Thus, the State authorities made clear that a private citizen must not tell it who is a criminal and who is not deserving punishment through fines and prison terms, that is only for the State to decide through the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service so that the scheme for private prosecutions is a charade that is blocked by the Magistrates at the Clerk level with his refusal to issue summons on my alleged criminal for Criminal Conspiracy and Misconduct in Public Office. Further the correspondence that I have had with the Clerk could not be disclosed to any party let alone be blogged as ‘prohibited’ violation of which would almost certainly result in proceedings against the individual for contempt of court so that the public is kept unaware of the specifics of the allegation in order to judge for itself whether the blockage of the private prosecution could be considered reasonable by the public. And when it was against the interests of the State it would not let the citizen bring even claims for damages and compensation in civil actions at Tribunal and courts. That was the Police State in operation.

By the end my theory about the character of the UK as being a nation of morons in a Police State had acquired full evidence as it was clear that officials in the Police Service and Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) commit crimes of criminal conspiracy to defraud and victimize applicants and when they are caught out lying and deceiving to hide that they are part of the State’s persecutory apparatus they ask the applicants for justice to seek independent legal advice or go for an appeal or a judicial review which costs time and money to keep the privileged classes of solicitors and barristers in business and judges in their dominant positions of power and authority for which they are also highly paid as part of the Establishment in which appeal and judicial review processes are a charade where the same criminality to cover up their comrades lower down the order is implemented. The judges in turn are made to feel important and do not have to answer to anyone for their deceitful rulings that protect the dictats of the Establishment. Hence the way to protect my dignity was to lodge complaints whenever I came up against a brick wall and follow these through the Complaints process of HMCTS through to Parliament as well as to the monarch at no cost to myself except for the mental suffering I had to endure to cope with the persecution that was suppressing the truth of endemic racism. When these methods did not attain any rewards for the mind my idea was to blog and write a book on the details that identified the individual culprits with the objective of naming and shaming both the individuals and the system in operation. That was my guiding principle all the way through to see if it leads to any changes for the future direction of this country.

The British Establishment and consequently the British people are a God-less people with very few going to church these days. They therefore find their rudder in the dictats and brainwashed expectations of directives from the State Establishment who go to great lengths in describing the consumerist way of life that serves the State. The State did not treat the citizens as individuals but as cogs in the State apparatus who do not question the way they are governed. This is what makes the people morons who act without thought of right or wrong in terms of honesty through truthfulness and openness. The State fosters deceit in the individuals for economic development through business requires this to maximize profits from fraud and inhumanity and citizens are also taught to maximize their incomes to better themselves financially which would also require an attitude that abandons truth and justice in ones outlook. The State encourages secular living rather than living to any particular religion that individuals might consider as true.

I narrate the experience to also publicise my belief that God had intervened in my life and so exists as an entity, which was the culmination of 17 years of search that started with visions of something supernatural to come in my life, and which took me through my experiences and established my knowledge of the world to describe the evolution of mankind. I have ascertained that what God wanted for me and what I have determined by mid-January 2015 were the same: to describe the operation mounted on me by the British Establishment my personal feelings were registered in court documents that could be more accurately expressed in Hindi: saale madarchod, bhosadiwale, suar ke bacche, kahinke. God had clearly tolerated this description that was submitted to the court in the book that I lodged for legal proceedings against the Publishers as evidenced by the fact that He continued to assist me to take me to safety with regards to the legalities I was embroiled in. So clearly He was not the kind of God who believed that we humans should hide our true feelings and thereby sacrifice truth in order to be accepted in human societies or to Him as ‘civilized’ and being diplomatic when referring to this world of human beings.

As a human being I lived to my individual motivations, and this meant determining for certain whether God has had any mission for me to undertake and if so, the specific nature of that mission. I personally did not think that the kind of State that I had experienced of the United Kingdom should be allowed to continue indefinitely so that my own thoughts were to do the maximum damage possible through my actions to enforce changes to the system that would be more conducive to a better United Kingdom and a better world. One cannot make an omelette without cracking open eggs, is a motto that I found resonance with in this regard. I learnt that God had supported this activism after I decided that I must determine my own course and leave such a mark on history as my legacy. God had actively directed me through the four issues that generated the basis of my quest for justice under the British Justice System and I believe that what I wrote to the authorities such as Legal Ombudsman, Mr Dodds of Maidstone Magistrates and University of London/Office of Independent Adjudicators on the MSc issue for example were revealed to me by Him as I responded to the situation that I faced. So I deduced from this that my struggle has been actively blessed and protected by Him. This could only be because He realized that this evil had once and for all got to be reduced to ashes and this can be could be done through the process of my actions for which I have continued to do my menial job at the Newsgency in order to survive to fight on. His timely advice to blog the evidence that I had collated was proof that He wanted the dismantling of the British constitution and so I did not feel that He saw any good in the British Establishment at this point in history.

My struggle to barely survive in the United Kingdom required a strategy of blogging the essentials both as an investigative tool for truthseeking and for humans to refer to know of my experiences and what I have learnt. One could not blog everything that one wished for there are laws that prevented it so that the book had to be written as containing the full details as a submission for the detailed consideration of humanity. The publication was consequently suppressed by the British State in its manipulations of AuthorhouseUK and Olympia Publishers.

In the ultimate realization of the nature of God I had seen that God shows His presence only when the individual craves for it and places truth at the heart of his outlook and perseverences. This had resulted in a situation where I lived as a human with hardly any references to God for He was never overbearing and did not require even an acknowledgement of His presence on one’s life, let alone worship through the mind and external rituals. He was there for consultation when I needed it.

It is an ‘ill wind that blows nobody any good’ and ‘the darkest cloud has a silver lining’. Perhaps some good will come out of all of this in terms of the ideas that have been generated through me. Was that a delusion of grandeur or something more substantial? I did not live not in hope but to simply see what the reality is in terms of what the future holds. I therefore continued to look to see which way the wind blew in terms of whether I would be seen as a pariah figure in British history by the British or someone who did something useful; and whether I may yet have to find a way back to India to a hero’s welcome as someone who destroyed British credibility. That would also reveal what God truly had in mind with His intervention in this epic saga of mine.

So how could I say that God loved the British? On the other hand my central suggestion was that God had planted a Hindu truth-seeker among the British to demonstrate that Hindu dharma ascertained through satya-advaita was a superior attitude and transcended all other ways of living as cultures and religions. I do not know of any Hindu who understands religion in this manner let alone find anything in Hindu literature alluding to this as the means of determining the ultimate reality. I consider that that the reason I have not heard anything from my sister or the Indian government is because what I am proposing through my Blog is very radical even for Hindus who are ruled by politicians that put Hindu nationalism ahead of any direct knowledge of God. I am therefore very aware that I have made enemies in Hindu India through my discoveries and actions. I therefore do nothing but to stay put in my home in the United Kingdom until the full extent of the ramifications and repercussions of what I have written settles down to dictate my next actions.

As I struggled in my menial labour-intensive job at the Newsagents to earn meagre amounts of money to keep myself going until my future is clear, my decisions on what to do next with my life was formed on the reality of what I perceived of God in terms of whether He had any unfinished business with me. When I considered my 8 September 2014 blog post ( concerning the uncertainties that were there in my mind, the developments show that He had been instrumental in answering all those questions about the workings of the British State and its relationship to guna consciousness. So was it all about a person journey to assist a gyan yogi with no other implications in terms of sorting out the British State as a way of exacting revenge for the manner in which my scientific career was destroyed? It was my decision at the University of Greenwich to chart a path through the evil that I had encountered with aggravating and hard-hitting replies to my senior colleagues that forced the Univeristy to discipline me. And the same attitude was demonstrated throughout the rest of my life with almost every person and institution that I had encountered. Was it therefore all to assist me into gaining knowledge and writing to fulfill my personal ambition of generating Knowledge for World Conservation through my life experiences by protecting me from the evil that I had to counter as being besieged by at every step in the western world of God-free consumerist and sense-based tamasic existence? Was it therefore all just a matter of a personal interaction as I explored life in order that I understood reality through satya-advaita? The reader is invited to speculate on these issues as I conclude my assessment.

But this was not the full story. God had prepared me from prior formal education and career as a scientist to equip me to undertake the task of taking on the might that lay hidden as the strength of the British Empire. Knowledge was going to overpower these people intellectually so that the entire substance upon which the nation was crafted would be brought into the open as being defunct when facing the wrath of God.

On a revision of the implications of Vishwaroopa it is worth considering that we seem to have three references in Mahabharatta and Bhagavad Gita to Vishwaroopa, first early on (in the presence of Duryodhana?) and the second that I am more sure about is when Krishna showed Arjuna the entire universe was within Him. Earlier than that it is known that when Yashoda (Krishna’s mother) wanted to open child Krishna’s mouth because he had eaten dirt and he opened his mouth she saw the entire universe in it. Although I am unclear about the Duryodhan-based story of Vishwaroopa Arjuna did see Krishna’s Vishwaroopa and seeing magnificence incarnate, the light of 1000 suns got overwhelmed. So from this I think that as Supreme God, Sri Krishna Himself has created all living beings and is indwelling in all human beings and in wider Nature. In the reference to Vishwaroopa Sri Krishna may be saying that good, indifferent and evil (people) are all part of Sri Krishna in some way. But in what way? How has He made Nature that way?

In Hinduism it has traditionally been known that the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva governs the three aspects of the universe in terms of its creation, preservation and destruction respectively. Its association with the gunas was observed by Ratikala in Religious Forums who wrote that ‘from the Gaudia perspective the idea of having a triad of deities relates only to material nature, …to the creation of material universes , …the triad of deities in this respect are expansions of the one supreme , and appointed the functions of creation , maintainance and destruction of this material nature which is comprised of sattva rajas and tamas , ….’.

I am not happy that God appointed separate representative deities of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to do His creating, preserving and destroying respectively for Him of the universe and all of existence. I tend to believe that He does all these functions Himself. My view is that whatever we decide on has to have some kind of scientific explanation in conforming to the understanding that there must be a basic energy stream of some description to the functioning of the universe in terms of generation and functioning of stars, planets, matter, life, etc. There is organisation in these elements in that one sees that certain patterns exist in them. So existence is not haphazard but is created by the channelling of the energy that came about from the Big Bang. Theists believe that this organisation has been designed and created by some mechanism that we do not understand as human beings at this stage in human history. Maybe we humans will never understand it because it is a miracle of ‘maya’, the magical ability of Sri Krishna as God. But we are free human beings and our Hinduism has taught us never to accept anything without trying to first find evidence for it that satisfies our individual minds. Our way of life is different to other religion-based ways in that it is not based on hard and fast rules for conduct or doctrines on creation. We can all start from scratch and examine reality. Hinduism is about the process of realisation that people go through. That realisation may take some of us to the ultimate reality, which is knowledge of the Creator, God. It may simultaneously take us to the ultimate religion as our dharma.

In the Hindu system that are all kinds of stories and facts have been speculated on by sages and rishis a lot of which ends up as scriptures for particular religious sampradayas which are always in the process of forming and who essentially revisit the same stories to rationalising afresh. Accordingly, some of us believe that Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer as Great deities (Maha-gods) while Vaishnavas may believe that these Maha-deities are ultimately Sri Krishna Himself in some form. My mind tells me that whatever we believe about creation must have a rational basis in that it must be comprehensible from the Creator’s standpoint as a theist. For He would not have created a stupid universe that people can easily find faults with. From this I cannot believe that these three deities have ‘responsibility’ as such for creating, preserving and destroying, respectively, of all aspects of creation. These three functions are so vital for the stability of the universe that I think God Sri Krishna alone creates, preserves and brings the universe to an end – destroy is the wrong word for this because it is the progression of the universe from the Big Bang to wherever it is heading and how it will be returned within God when He decides that the time has come for this to happen. So our question is how does He do this.

From science we say that everything is Energy, but this is differentiated into different types of natural forces and particles: The gods from which life forms such as humans derive all their thoughts for action exist as guna-consciousness energy forces in Nature imparting sattvic, rajasic and tamasic characteristics to all the components of Nature. My idea is that there are not only Brahma (sattvic guna deity), Vishnu (rajasic guna deity) and Shiva (tamasic guna deity) gods that generate all that we see in Nature, within this guna-triad (which can be represented by an equilateral triangle with the three deities at three corners of the triangle) there is scope for millions of gods that have blends of these three gunas. Each life form and all matter take their directions from one of these gods. This is what gives humanity its diversity. Hinduism accepts any number of gods as real guna-consciousness forces. I put this forward as a modern (scientifically justifiable) meaning of the Vishwaroopa of Sri Krishna who exists above the gunas so that one needs to transcend the guna-consciousness energy stream to relate to Sri Krishna as the Supreme God.

According to this proposal, the guna consciousness triad is the Vishwaroopa of Sri Krishna. And this fits is perfectly with what ‘Yada yada hi dharmasya…’ shloka in the Gita says: whenever there is a preponderance of tamasic guna manifest in the material universe He personally intervenes in Nature to restore dharma to bring in more sattvic guna. We see this in the form of avatars through history. Prior to human history he did what was needed to wipe out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. All of evolution of life in terms of both plants an animals and the geology of the Earth and the Solar system was developed through energy manipulations by Sri Krishna over 4 billion years resulting in human existence today where the guna consciousness forces are readily seen in the operation of humanity in terms of our interactions with each other.

Ratikala at Religious Forums said: personally l believe that this (God’s ways) is not something which can be explained by use of rationale , ….or that it is something that can be explained easily to the materially orientated mind , ….in the Gita Krsna explains that , … ‘Out of many thousands among men, one may endeavor for perfection, and of those who have achieved perfection, hardly one knows Me in truth. Gita ch 7 v ..3. Thus a Gaudiya takes the position of the most lowly, incapable of understanding the unlimited nature of the lord. My response was that the truth has to be known: the nature of the lord has to be known for certain. This has been attained by me through satya-advaita, or truth accommodation for this process of living revealed to me that God is the Protector of truth and so no one can touch an individual who is on this path. When I write this I recall the words of my father to me on the telephone when I was struggling with the Employment Tribunal processes just after being dismissed by the University of Greenwich in 1999: ‘No one can touch you’ he had said emphatically. Today I feel that the British Empire could not touch me with all its might for intellectually it was shown to be totally bereft of power when faced with the guidance that I received from God on how to fight this State that is operated by animals. Just as in the Hindu epic of the Mahabharatta, God had asked me to pick up the cudgels and fight the evil of the British State as the best way to be spending my time on Earth.

This fight started at the University of Greenwich because due to jealousy and racism the scoundrels of the University and its co-conspirators had marginalised me out of scientific research and development project funds and kept me out of challenging projects; and when this was clearly exposed through my truth-probing retaliations on the management it labelled me as being blameworthy of gross misconduct, and with such a charge, dismissed me from employment without any compensation after an impeccable 18-year career with nearly 35 scientific publications to my credit so that my career was skyrocketing. The Employment Tribunal and Courts would not allow me to have this truth exposed in their proceedings that would have revealed the unjust nature of the manner with which I was deprived out of nearly £60,000 redundancy payment (even if there was no longer any work for me) by putting me through a disciplinary process. When the unfairness of the Tribunal process and its appeal through Employment Appeal Tribunal through to the Court of Appeal were dismissed for incomprehensible technical reasons, I fought this judgement through the County Courts instead for which I was found to have abused the process of the court and ordered to pay the University’s costs for having brought the Case. When all my complaints to Parliament and to the Queen failed to get these orders lifted and since my resistance would not let me pay the unfair costs that the court was demanding from me as a payment to the University I had to look to get out of the United Kingdom through asylum applications at numerous Embassies, all of which were manipulated against me from behind the scenes. The suppression of justice was also amply in evidence when my formal applications to bring Mr Tony Blair and the Ministry of Defence to answer the charges of unlawful conduct in pursuing the course of the Iraq war was simply shelved by the Court.

The loss of all our savings to fight in my struggle to protect my reputation led to my wife complaining to the doctor about my incessant actions of telephoning, faxing and posting the courts so the State in consequence captured me and rendered into a mental hospital for three months to make me really worry that I had been suffering from a mental illness of some kind such as schizophrenia of one description or another for which I was almost subjected to electroconvulsive therapy which luckily my wife would not give permission to or the animals would have turned me into a vegetable. No State help was given to me in terms of income and I ended up working as cleaner at a petrol station after I was released from the hospital. That is what the bastards of the State did to me. Still, life had to move on and I looked to another type of work locally but after passing an interview for the job of Public Enquiry Officer with Kent Police, my appointment was not formalised because it was said by the Police’s Assistant Constable that I had suffered from mental illness which I might relapse into due to the nature of the work involved at this job. So I was therefore denied effective rehabilitation after the dreadful treatment of being incarcerated under Mental Health Act Sectioning, when there was never anything wrong with me mentally. I see today that I had been right all along to have fought the bastards of the University, Police and the courts all the way through for this was utter evil that I had had the misfortune to come unsuspectingly against; an evil that was dressed in utmost civility in terms of the outward manners that the English are world renowned for.

I wanted to improve my life even from that situation and when the opportunity came to work for Shell Petroleum as a cashier in a petrol station I grabbed the opportunity as a way of getting some degree of financial security that would also help me recover from the shock and depression from the treatment that I had received in earlier times. But as time went on over the next two years I found that the working conditions there were intolerably horrendous so that it seemed right to start a trades union that I named the Union of Petrol Station Workers. This aggravated the government and the Shell franchise owner was manipulated from behind the scenes to make my life as difficult as possible at the work place with situations being created that culminated in my being subjected to a disciplinary for those incidents with colleagues. It was God who then encouraged me to fight the system again with retaliation. I then took the owner to the Franchise to the Employment Tribunal in two cases, the first for Constructive Dismissal and the other for Breach of Contract. As with the Cases against the University of Greenwich at the same Employment Tribunal and with Medway County Court I did not attend the Hearings because I wanted to find out the truth about how these bastards operated the law when from first signs it was clear that the officials were protecting the defendant by not demanding written submissions of the harassment that I had suffered. So when the Cases were dismissed I revived my application to the Indian High Commission accordingly and on its failure to act lodged a case at the Supreme Court of India of State interference in the workplace and at the Employment Tribunal. Technically, my position was that if the Tribunal had not ruled on whether I had been Constructively Dismissed I needed evidence from the employer and from the Tribunal that I had been dismissed at all by the issuing of a document of dismissal and a P45 Form. These were never issued to me but my weekly earnings were stopped by the employer as I was not given any more shifts of work and I was paid on the actual hours that I worked. At that point I asked the Tribunal to stay the case until the criminality of workplace harassment had been investigated for its consideration. I did not receive a reply. Since all this work and telephoning the Indian High Commission and the Supreme Court of India cost money out telephone bills were again high so that my wife once again complained to my doctor who promptly got me incarcerated for another month in the mental hospital: this time I had been handcuffed by the Police and dumped into the back of the Police van worse than any criminal might be treated.

This second period of incarceration was the last straw for me in terms of my interactions with God as Phase 1 of ‘Searching in Uncertainty’ that ended in the autumn of 2009 and I gave up all faith in God. Instead after my release from the clutches of the National Health Service I tried to rehabilitate myself by joining internet forums where I started my education on religion and the humanities in order to do something useful with my life using the free computing facilities at home to acquire knowledge with. I also joined the WordPress internet blogging service as a way of publicising my knowledge and experiences. Fortunately in November 2010 I found another job near my home at the same petrol station that was now run by a family firm with the name of Sherlodge Garage which steadied our family’s finances again. When I found myself being harassed at these forums by atheisto-feminist liberals propounding secularity who saw my views on morality and truth as being contrary to their philosophy I was pursued to my Blogsite as the perpetration of stalking harassment by a person with the posting name of ‘phands’ and Mr Nick Clegg seemingly of the Liberal Democrats Party also passed similar comments God reappeared in my life and egged me on to lodge a Case with the Police of internet stalking harassment which I took to the Administrative Court of the Royal Courts of Justice for the lack of action by the Police and by the Independent Police Complaints Commission monitoring the conduct of the Police in the investigation of this crime. I then took this matter to the Cabinet Office to examine whether there was a criminal charge of Misconduct in Public Office that could be brought against the court official for my Court Fee was taken but no action had resulted to judicially review these matters. At the same time I was also again trying to revive the Case against the University of Greenwich at Medway County Court and at Royal Courts of Justice using various approaches. God had also egged me along to prod and provoke the racists of the United Kingdom Independence Party that I joined because I truly believed that the UK should be a free nation and not part of a European superstate. When this political party failed to consider my application to stand as a member of Parliament for the Party I lodged this act as hate crime borne of racisim and religionism that had been perpetrated on my by this political Party. Again the Police took no action refusing to convert the incident reported as a crime under the State’s definition.

In September 2014, having been out of work for a year I somehow found a job back at the Shell Franchise that had taken over from the one that I had taken to the Tribunal in 2008 and since it had no legal reason not to have continued to employ me fulltime (offering me Zero Hours contract with no guaranteed work) under ‘The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations’ I soon raised a grievance with the Company and resumed proceedings again these employers at the Tribunal for Constructive Dismissal and unpaid wages under ‘Breach of Contract’. The Tribunal took no action. At this point I found a job for another local Shell Franchise where I soon got fed up with the intolerable working conditions and decided that there had to be something better to do with my life than resign myself to a job in such a petrol station. I raised a grievance of workplace harassment and did not attend an internal hearing because an independent barrister was not appointed by the company to oversee the proceedings, my previous experience with Ian Gordon Enterprises Limited having shown me that these internal hearings are designed to cover up the harassment and prevent an adequate consideration of the grievances. I had grounds to take the matter to the Employment Tribunal again and started fresh proceedings against this Franchise by paying the £160 Tribunal Fee to have it registered and subsequently related it to the original Case during proceedings on which I had been receiving clear and explicit directions from God. When I saw this interjection I decided that my life would be incomplete if I did not follow God closely again because He clearly come through to me very strongly so that I wanted to know where this would all lead to: I considered that I must let God finish what He wanted to do through me. The Tribunal passed another one of its devious conditions to allow me to press ahead with the Case which I could not accept as the Judge could have fined me a great deal of money if it ruled against me to be made payable to the defendants. I complained instead about the Judge to the Police, to the Employment Appeal Tribunal, to the Cabinet Office, to the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman that was handled by the Customer Service Team of Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service. At the same time I was blogging these experiences as a way of hitting the State for all the suffering that I had endured so as to make a public record of what was happening, and renewed my complaints to Parliament through my Member of Parliament of not only the four issues of Greenwich Legalities, Internet Complaint, UKIP Proceedings and Shell Tribunal but also the considerations of Governmental decisions in war and the reorganisation of Justice that I saw was needed to the United Kingdom. All these representations were suppressed through State manipulations at all levels of justice, including the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and the Speaker’s Office in Parliament (House of Commons). These acts of mine not only served to seek the truth about what I faced they turned out to bombings of the institutions of the State for I had yet no proof that a centralised authority had been perpetrating all the injustices against me over these years. No one came to my aid such was the State’s control over my legal proceedings. I lodged a claim against Kent Police for damages of £5 million at Medway County Court. But in response the State got the Police to issue a letter that covered up all the criminalities that I had reported and this was backed up with a order from a Regional Employment Judge Hildebrand that all correspondence should cease. I hit back by selecting solicitors to get them to act for me against the Police and this Judge and when no actions were taken reported the solicitors to the Legal Ombudsman. This application was again thwarted by the Legal Ombudsman pretending to be considering the matter but in reality doing nothing so that I started corporate private prosecution proceedings for Criminal Conspiracy at Maidstone Magistrates Court which was acknowledged as relevant but again nothing resulted from it.

My blogposts were frowned upon by the State whose agents must have been instrumental in getting a man from the USA posting by the name Egregious_C to continue with the stalking harassment to disrupt the work of the blogsite. An attempt was also made through a woman by the name of Tanya Cummins to try and insert libellous material to expose me to legal proceedings by Mr Kashif Irfan of Clearly Business Solutions Limited. I dealt with these interferences by reporting the criminality in one form or another. But the State would not give me the opportunity to formalise these complaints for investigation by the Police or the Judicial authorities on the private prosecution that I lodged.

The State had therefore mounted a vendetta against me through the use of judgements and directions of its court and tribunal officials in the processing of my civil claims against people and institutions who I had grievances against and at the complaints handling divisions of Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service, the Police and individuals. It had incarcerated me into a nobody by sectioning me to be put under lock and key in mental hospitals on two occasions when I had done nothing wrong in terms of breaking the law by pursuing the courses of justice which it systematically denied me until the bitter end when Mr Malcolm Dodds (Clerk to Kent Justices) not only refused to implement the private prosecution that I had embarked on to bring all of the State’s agents and matters into consideration of the criminality of Criminal Conspiracy, he steadfastly refused to enter into any correspondence with me on the matter. This proved to me that all the agents were in fact manipulated by a central authority of the State as State-morons which had led them into the actions that they had taken in response to my representations.

Throughout the past 17 years the State maintained a total news blackout on my situation through the manipulation of BBC journalists and journalists working for News Corporation who I had asked to specifically look into my Case of persecution by racists in conspiracy. Further, when I produced my account of my suffering in a book entitled ‘The Allurement of Reality’ which I wished to have distributed throughout the world as a way of publicising my suffering widely, the UK State manipulated AuthorhouseUK and Olympia Publishers to not print the book, the former dressing up its reticience by citing libel and invasion of privacy concerns which were non-existent in reality for all of what I had written had been a historical account of events that was passed through the Courts prior to publication. I had forcefully stuck £586 into the Bank Account of AuthorhouseUK thinking that as a self-publishing venture it would have no choice but to fulfill its contractual arrangements on publication but it would not and worse, it would not refund my £586 paid even after I had lodged a Claim at County Court Money Claims Centre in Salford for a Hearing that should take place at Medway County Court. The Court did not make the applied for decision.

Thus the entire 17 year struggle has been one of waging a war with the evil animals of the British Establishment who had torn up my scientific career and rendered me into a life of poverty in the United Kingdom. It did so by manipulating the Indian High Commission and the United Nations to prevent the just consideration of my applications for asylum out of the United Kingdom that I was forced to renew in the autumn of 2015. The Indian High Commission wrote to me that it would consider giving me an Indian passport through a normal application process that would not be part of the asylum application. I considered this to be unacceptable and withdrew my application for asylum thinking once again it would be preferable for me to die a beggar in this country than go to India with the proverbial tail in between my legs: going on asylum would have meant that I would have been able to sue the British Government for financial compensation afterwards. So these asylum applications were again thwarted and worse, I was harassed by the Indian High Commission as an agent of persecution by an email sent to me on 15 October 2015 that I countered with an email drawing its attention to the proceedings of the Supreme Court of India on this matter and demanding an apology from the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi before I would ever consider applying for an Indian passport again. I had decided instead to fight the State and its cohorts through the process of British Justice which continues to this day. The State did not wish to have on record that it had persecuted me through its legal institutions.

By this time my realisation was so complete that I did not have to seek explicit messages from God on what actions I needed to take but attributed the fine judgements that I was making as being revelations from Him on the detailed legal proceedings that were required to be undertaken to take me to a position of safety wherein I would survive with my dignity intact and continue to live in the United Kingdom even if this meant doing a menial job at the local Newsagency. This would be the biggest punishment unleashed upon the bastards of the British Establishment and it was brought about due to the wrath of God for what the State had subjected me to was nothing other than the religious persecution of a truth-seeker. With explicit or implicit help through revelations of what I should write in my emails I had bombed all their moronic bastard criminals and institutions, blogged about them so that the world would know and survived to tell my tale.

Central to the fight was the knowledge that I developed through my interactions in fora and on Twitter to condense it all in the Blog to issue a challenge to the State and its allies to see if it had any better understanding than me on Nature and morality. The blogsite is openly inviting criticisms. It’s extensive creation represented the showing two fingers to the British State Establishment and its allies that its ruination of my scientific career could not stop me from generating knowledge that I had proudly presented to the world as the ultimate and comprehensive collation of information on science and morality that was appropriately and modestly entitled, ‘Towards Knowledge for World Conservation’. So my scientific endeavors may have been curtailed by these evil humans but God had moved me on to a higher level of knowledge acquisition that had been pre-visioned although I had no idea that it would come about through the process of satya-advaita or truth accommodation. And all of that knowledge is available on the website for the entire world to see and judge for themselves of my contribution to humanity. Furthermore, I had checked that a considerable amount of what I had written these blogposts were synchronous with God’s view through a method that I had developed for direct consultation that used a digital clock time sighting to indicate God’s intentions and recommendations. I had through this saga therefore attained the highest goal that a human being could set for himself or herself, namely to set about obtaining proof of the existence of God and to go on to describe His Nature in full.

The ability and power of God should be assessed by comprehending the truth that God had to manage me, my wife and daughter and all our house, the car and computing and house contents over these long years to make it possible for me to arrive at this destination. So not only was He able to give me the thoughts needed to withstand my enemies He had to ensure that I was well looked after by providing me with the necessary wife who could and would care for me financially as well as through personal attention of my physical needs after all that had happened to her marriage in terms of having a husband that she still regards as suffering from mental illness to the extent that she would ideally like me to have 3 mgs of Risperidone tablets daily while I take one or two only as I feel like. She had stood by me to make it possible for me to write my account of what I had done with my life in terms of finding the ideal way to live. Only with total control of her could these objectives be accomplished so that my final analysis was that God’s mission was multipurpose. He had equipped me to be a great writer too so that people would through my writings come to know that there was a God and one who cared greatly about personal justice in the way human societies organize themselves. His true nature would be realised through my writings which I continued with on a daily basis until I reached the point of satisfaction that there was nothing more that I could elaborate on the truth of my knowledge and experiences.

Because God had assisted me clearly and unambiguously in my path today I live contentedly in seclusion with my family doing what I need to do to survive and write about my knowledge and experiences. The local jobs that I have taken up may be menial but they were vital in that I could work on my websites and conduct my legal proceedings not only without interferences by the employer but with having the time on my hands needed to do the necessary work of probing out the truth from the State’s institutions. From 20 March 2015 I got up each day at 4.30 am to begin work at 4.50 am – 7.00 am that generated enough income to prevent us drifting again into Bank overdrafts but importantly and left me free to fight the British State during the rest of the day through my computer. Many of the emails that I had sent were thought of during this early morning work to be fired in as soon as I got home. So I did see that God had found me these menial jobs to tide us over financially so as to be able to undertake the task of smashing the British State as hard as I could intellectually.

So this intervention in the affairs of man is about how a nation that puts itself forward as one of the most civilized people of the world conducts itself in the treatment of one individual from a different racial and religious culture through systematic persecution for which the country mobilized its entire law enforcement institutional system and persons brought together to harass and terrorise and how God can still protect that individual if He has sought refuge in Him.

What I have experienced of God is consistent with what we know of God who is known to Hindus as Sri Krishna. So there was no need to seek another name for Him. He is not Jesus Christ or Allah or Yahweh or wishes to be known by any name other than Sri Krishna.

As regards seeing this book in print, since I have blogged the contents after it became clear that I would not see ‘The Allurement of Reality’ book in print in the near future by AuthorhouseUK, Olympia Publishers and Gyanajuga publishers of India, I intend to leave it on the back burner until these latest blogposts have had their effects in terms of the responses to the Blog from parties who are affected. This is the course that has been outlined by God for me as the means to counter the suppression of truth by the British State and its institutions. I will therefore work towards publishing all the details through this means slowly in due course.

I am therefore at peace with myself today. We only need to know the truth on what we should do to survive in dignity given that evil is also part of Nature. When our life lived to this perfection is over we die happy that we took the right decisions in our lives. Awareness of God as a Guide gave me the right thoughts for my actions in that I fulfilled my ambition of determining and exposing truth as my contribution to world development into the future.

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