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The reasons that I shall vote for Conservative Party at the General Election of 2015

My instincts with regard to how human beings should conduct themselves in relation to the environment and with each other led me to develop the idea of Green Socialism ( In the past I have never voted for any other Party than the Labour Party at general elections. However, there are other more pressing considerations that need to be taken into account when voting for which Party should govern the country that I love. After much soul searching I have decided today that I shall be voting for the Conservative Party and give Mr David Cameron another five years as our Prime Minister.

The reasons are firstly to do with his personal qualities. He is a great conciliator and has managed a coalition with the effervescent Liberal Democrats very effectively for the past five years. He is also a great democrat who listens to the what the electorate has to say. I am against the United Kingdom remaining as part of the European Union and had joined the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) over two years ago to support moves for a withdrawal from Europe. However, UKIP could not accommodate me within its fold for reasons best known to that Party. I resigned from UKIP because it would not consider my application to stand as a Member of Parliament at this general election. It taught me that people who run this party are not individuals that I would like to associate with. My impression is that UKIP is an ultra-right wing nationalistic Party which cannot accommodate liberal values. Even then I would have voted for UKIP in view of the wider objective to get the UK out of Europe. But Mr Cameron’s decision to give the public a say in a referendum on EU membership in light of the continued opposition to such a move being displayed by both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party means that we need to give Mr Cameron a chance to fulfil his promise to the British People. In light of this, a vote for UKIP would be a wasted vote that would let in the undemocratic Labour Party into Power with Ed Milliband in charge.

Having Ed Milliband in charge would set back the cause of UK independence decades but if he did get an overall majority at least the Labour Party would have implemented some socialistic policies on employment rights that would be to my liking. The reality however is the impact of the recent emergence of Scottish National Party (SNP) that could form a loose or even a formal coalition with Labour to prop up such a government. This is a horrendous prospect to contemplate for the United Kingdom. I just could not subject the United Kingdom to such a future. The SNP must be marginalised out of Westminster politics as a matter of principle for a group that calls for Scottish independence and only looks after the interests of the Scottish people cannot be trusted with the reigns of power at Westminster for a government of the entire United Kingdom. It would always be extracting concessions for Scotland at the cost of the rest of the United Kingdom. Ed Milliband will be forced to do any deals with the SNP to get the keys to Downing Street. That will be divisive for the United Kingdom. Further, the polls indicate that Ed Milliband is not trusted by the British electorate to be given an overall majority. And rightly so for he is undemocratic and authoritiarian with his views and policies. His economics is designed for vote-grabbing rather than focusing on cutting the deficit fast through austerity. His policies are therefore guided by his socialism rather than concerns for the country that he would be leading. And most of all he has steadfastly refused to give the people a referendum on European Union membership: this is unforgiveable.

The Liberal Democrats would form a coalition with whichever party secures the greatest number of Members of Parliament according to Nick Clegg’s latest pronouncement. And they have been a good partner to the Conservatives in the past five years tempering the excesses of right-wing policies. I also understand that they will not oppose the referendum that David Cameron will implement on EU membership. I would therefore like to see a Conservative government outright under David Cameron with an overall majority or failing that another coalition with the Liberal Democrat for more of the same type of government that shows that it listens to the people.

None of the Parties will implement my ideal politics. In the past I have been critical of the Conservative Party for basing its policies to nurture greed that ruins the environment ( The Green Party under the present leadership does not promote austerity. More to the point it would be a wasted vote to vote for Greens. I have liberal views on human affairs but Liberal Democrats seek political union with the European Union that I am against. But political parties like all humans are changing and only those who adapt to changing realities survive. In this regard I see it as a healthy development for democracy for UKIP to have split off the Conservative party as an ultra-right wing libertarian party thereby leaving the Conservatives closer to the middle-ground of British politics.

In this background I have a decision to make on general election day that is fast approaching: to choose the best among these political parties with the objective of trying to get the best outcome of the new government for this nation. I wish to play my part in the democratic process rather than just abstaining from the election on the grounds that my beliefs belong to a ‘none of the above’ category from what are lined up me to select from. We must exercise our democratic duty by chosing the best government from what is currently on offer when casting our votes. The best that is currently on offer in my personal assessment is another term of government led by David Cameron. My decision is solely based on what is best for the United Kingdom as a society. Perhaps I may be able to persuade the Conservatives to adopt more green-socialistic policies in the future. It is already promising to cut taxes for the lowest paid further. It may be possible that it would consider the environmental dimension to economics too. After all how much more conservative can a person be than adopt the values of conservation which in its fullest meaning must ensure environmental sustainability by curbing planet-ruinous greed. Upholding values of justice and fairness are also ideals that sustain conservation and I do believe that David Cameron is listening to my representations on this ( But the main point is that the nation comes first. We do not wish the United Kingdom to be a laughing stock in the world. We improve the nation through efforts in all spheres that promote conservation, national integration and integrity.

Hence, who gets the keys to 10 Downing Street now is the question that I am asking myself for the May 7 general election. Ed Milliband and his Labour Party get the clear thumbs down while David Cameron gets the thumbs up for this leadership role as Prime Minister with a party of pragmatic and reasonable minded people who will conserve and build a better country. I believe he can be trusted to do the right thing as discussed. I have made my decision. Now I must wait and see what is in store.

1 May 2015 Update:

At 16.30 hours today I have decided that I have seen enough of the British politics and parliamentary democracy in action. I now intend to abstain from casting my vote at this general election altogether.

7 May 2015 Update:

I did vote after all, late in the day, for the Conservative Party in both the National government election and the local government election.

9 May 2015 Update:

The Conservatives won the general election with a small overall majority to govern all by themselves without the need for coalition partners. Today I received an email as a general circular from the Liberal Democrats, as follows:

On Saturday, 9 May 2015, 17:28, Sal Brinton – Liberal Democrats <> wrote:

Re: 3000 new members

Shantanu, Last Thursday was the most difficult of nights. Not just for the Liberal Democrats, but also for all of us who believe that hope is much more powerful than fear. Last Thursday the politics of fear beat the politics of hope, and that hurts. The Liberal Democrats are down, but we’re not out. We’re starting our fightback today and I’m asking you to be part of it.

Shantanu, since polls closed over 3000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats because they believe that there is a better way. Will you join them? Shantanu nothing could show just how much Britain needs a strong, liberal party than Theresa May’s announcement yesterday that she will immediately be introducing the snoopers charter, giving the state unprecedented power to monitor your personal communications. Those of us who believe in the values of liberty, community and individual freedom must stand together. Please join us today and be part of our future.

Thank you,

Sal Brinton President of the Liberal Democrats

My reply was as follows:

Shan Panigrahi


Sal Brinton – Liberal Democrats

9 May 2015 at 6:47 PM


Ms Sal Brinton

Liberal Democrats

Dear Ms Brinton

You may be aware that I was a member of the Liberal Democrats but was vociferous about the party leadership and had to resign my membership.

I believe in liberalism and democratic values but consider that in government and on principle these facets of our outlook need to rest well balanced on the idea that we humans must conserve nature in all its dimensions. Liberalism needs to be defined as that freedom that is in balance with sustainable development, fairness and democracy in the management of society.

If you do wish to discuss a new direction for the Liberal Democrats to bring in these values, I would consider rejoining the Party to work for a better future for the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

I see that they are beating the same old drum for I see that the State must have the rights that the Home Secretary proposes. If Ms Brinton does reply to my suggestion for a change in direction I would be asking them to change the name of the Party to the ‘Natural Liberals’ before I join.

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