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The spiritual aetiology of good and bad

Sikhs have a concept of Nirgun Brahm(an), the intermediate Divine Form of Brahm(an) as Nirankaar and Onkaar Brahm(an) and Sarguna Brahm(an) as the visible universe. I do not believe in the concept of there existing a Nirgun Brahm(an) which transforms to Sagun (Brahman) as atheistic advaita proposes so that there is no question of there being a intermediate divine form of Brahm(an). On the other hand, I believe in achintya bhed abheda tatwa as the ultimate reality of Vedanta in which one realises Sri Krishna.

How does one person engage in horrible activities against other human beings through killings, lies, deceit and persecution/harassment whilst other human beings are spiritual and engage in only good acts like caring, being truthful and honest, being calm and peaceful and not killing? What explains this spectrum of humanity? Is it all DNA associated or upbringing associated? Or does this have something to do with religion. Religion is only good if it can explain life that we see around us and the experiences we have from day to day. So let me elaborate on my view:

All human beings take their inspiration from a supra-biological entity called Consciousness for their thoughts. Our thoughts are an interaction between our nervous tissues in the part of the brain that we call mind and associated with our DNA and this Consciousness. The Consciousness is a spectrum in quality between divine (good) intentions and evil (bad) intentions and is governed by triad core generator of the consciousness called the Trimurti comprising of Brahma (divine), Vishnu (semi-divine) and Shiva (evil) aspects of consciousness (the threefold creation consisting of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas). We humans are therefore attracted to different regions of this consciousness and live our lives accordingly. It is this that makes us lead very good (divine), indifferent or very horrible (evil) lives. This explains all of how humanity exists on this Earth. As I have said earlier, this Consciousness is a creation of Sri Krishna, the Supreme God, and creator of the universe. In normal situations human beings who adopt different religions can worship or pray to gods (or gurus as in the case of Sikhs) associated with these aspects of Consciousness as suits their nature and their upbringing. All these gods are effectively ‘resident’ somewhere along this spectrum of Consciousness. So we see Hindus worshipping lots of different gods, such as Lakshmi, Saraswati, Krishna, Kali, Durga, Jagannath, etc. and see out their lives.

We have only one life, not many or unending sequence of lives through what is known as karma. But what we do in this life matters for our well being in this life. This is the karma that I believe in. It matters because Sri Krishna assists certain individuals if they are living the right way. This is very real. I do not any longer do much in my life without referral to Him. This is because I want to get my karm right. He helps with the right thoughts that enter the mind for actions. Life is very complex and we do not have the capacity to know precisely how we should act in each situation although we may have a good grasp of reality. In my conception, the Consciousness trimurti triad gods of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are equal in their potencies in terms of the intelligence they can impart to the individual jiva for good, bad or evil intentions and deeds. These human beings have to interact with each other in their real lives so who is going to survive and who is going to perish?. No one. But if wants to get to the Supreme knowledge and truth one must go to the creator of that Consciousness, that is to Lord Sri Krishna. When this is done He comes through as an override over the Consciousness for direct milan/milaap of man and God and blesses the individual with knowledge of how to survive in this world through ones actions and deeds. He teaches what is right ‘karm’ in terms of dharma. The person is living content and dies. With that all finishes. The only thing that remains of the individual is in Sri Krishna’s memory.

Sri Krishna being the Supreme God however can from time to time, especially when he sees that there is too much evil (adharma) in the world affect an individual or individuals through the Consciousness mechanism of creation and other aspects of the material life of a person to make individuals perform tasks for him as avatars so that dharma is restored on Earth. Hence the Bhagavad Gita states ‘jada jada hi dharmasya,etc. All the incidents across the world in all times do not take place by the will of the Supreme God, Sri Krishna but by the consciousness mechanism as it interacts with human biology. All incidents however take place in God’s full knowledge but He does not interfere in these daily routine incidences and may appear totally oblivious leaving humans to sort our their own affairs themselves. So life goes on in the natural environment. Sri Krishna tolerates bad behaviour in such normal circumstances which explains why there is so much violence in the world and people are killed in wars of various kinds. From time to time and especially when there is real mayhem in human affairs or when He wishes people to know that there is a God because the world is going towards abyss through ignorance He takes action with a view to restoring some kind of equilibrium in human affairs. The story of Mahabharrata and its component the Bhagavad Gita was written to make this clear. Avatars like Guru Nanak are born once in many tens if not hundreds of generations. In the story of the Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharatta the authors of these works were avatars of Sri Krishna whose role was to let people know what God is like.

This is my uptodate view of life and God.

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