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The Supreme position of Vishnu

At Religious Forums, from Katha Upanishad Part 1 Chapter 2 sayak83 said: ↑ 9 A man who has discrimination for his charioteer and holds the reins of the mind firmly, reaches the end of the road; and that is the supreme position of Vishnu.

My explanation of this verse is as follows:

Discrimination is the means with which one ascertains the truth path and determines the progress of ones life. It is indeed the charioteer but only after the phase is past when one stops taking explicit directions and guidance from God. One has come off God because having seen God in all His glory one has decided that He should not be interfering in human affairs so I must look after myself and see how that goes. The greatest discovery for me has been that after one has passed the test of total surrender, God is still there as Atman guiding the individual to live out his life. Bhakti is consequently reinforced. Fear is lost because discrimination has been perfected through yoga. This is what is meant by reaching the end of the road which is said to be the supreme position of Vishnu.

By Vishnu I mean the ultimate state of union with Sri Krishna (free of direct correspondence and guidance); for Vishnu in my theory remains the rajasic deity of guna consciousness. Perhaps this state represents the ultimate in balance, preservation and equanimity that satya-advaita or truth accomodation brings.

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