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The United Kingdom State needed fixing and I have fixed it

After entering half way into my sixtieth year, with the last forty-five years as a naturalised resident in the United Kingdom with a UK Passport I now reflect on the many good things that I have admired about British society, especially from my younger days when I availed the tremendous sporting opportunities and desirable leisure pursuits that this country had to offer to add to the great educational facilities that I took advantage of. However, when I ran into difficulties at the University of Greenwich from where I was unceremoniously dismissed for gross misconduct I began to have serious doubts about the United Kingdom in that all that glittered was not gold. That was in back October 1998 and since then I experienced the British State in considerable detail and found myself was totally dissatisfied with the set up, otherwise known as the Establishment that monitors and coordinates all that goes on in the State. This set up was in dire need of fixing.

Nineteen years later I feel that I have accomplished the task of fixing the United Kingdom State for a better future for all of us.

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