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Truth, Science and God

My realisation is complete because I have all the truth that I need.

The truth that I need on a daily basis is the only thing that makes me mentally and physically comfortable. I know from a 15-year study of myself and my surroundings that truthseeking and oneness with truth is the mechanism for attaining the truth that I need to help me through my life.

Further, since science can never detect this mechanism from microscopic or spectroscopic instrumentation-use examination of Nature or by mathematical analysis of quantum theory, etc or by colliding particles in tunnels, this mechanism for ascertaining truth can never be proven or disproven as real by science. The only way it can be determined is through personal experience of individual’s trials and their subjective assessment of the results.

Finally, I am also aware that such a mechanism for ascertainig truth could only be present if it was actually created by God as part of the laws under which Nature is governed. So I believe that there is a Personal God. It therefore also seems logical to assume that the same God must also therefore have created the entire universe or universes in whatever form scientists find it to answer all the other questions on Physics and Biology.

So what more truth do I need to know?

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