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Who is the Impersonator of Mr Nick Clegg harassing Dr Shantanu Panigrahi?

January 10, 2013

The following Comment was submitted into the Comments section of ‘Rational Skepticism bans Dr Shantanu Panigrahi for ‘Overtly Sexist Views’’, on the date shown from the IP address shown: It relates to the following blogpost:

Nick Clegg x Submitted on 2013/01/02 at 11:30 pm Dear Dr Panigrahi, I am writing with regard to your letter dated 24/12/12 where you request that we, the Liberal Democrats, consider a change in UK’s policy for a referendum before this Parliament ends. I have to tell you that whilst you made some compelling arguments, having reviewed your website, we feel that associating our party with a policy advocated by someone who holds the sort of deeply unpleasant views that you express on this blog would lead to the dissolution of the party. Therefore we have no choice but to accept the resignation of your membership and suggest that you cease any further expression of your abhorrent views in public. Kind Regards, Nicholas William Clegg. Leader, British Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg

Mr Gordon Seekings of the British Liberal Democrats has written to me:’ The email that you seem to imply was sent from the leader was not sent by him or anybody acting on his behalf – it is in plain truth a fraudulent e-mail.’ So neither Nick Clegg, nor anyone acting on his behalf wrote the message.

So who wrote this message aimed at perverting the course of justice? Who does the IP address belong to? I reported the matter to Kent Police as it could be either an act of the same stalking harassment that I reported to Kent Police earlier, or it could be a new one from someone who does not like what I wrote concerning my relationship with the Liberal Democrats. Whoever posted it what is clear is that it is systematic attempt to prevent me from expressing my views through my blogs and to damage my prospects within the Liberal Democrats Party and/or outside it. So if someone can shed some light on who the person is who perpetrated this gross act of cowardly fraud to damage my credibility, I would like to know.

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