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Your Complaint: CO/00107/222

Your Complaint: CO/00107/222




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Thu, 14 Apr at 18:59

Mr Nitin Bharadwaj

Who are you? How did you ger involved with Kent Police in the investigation? Are you real? What is your postal address and telephone number? Are you a Psychiatrist from Manipur? Why have you harassed my wife with this email copied to me and my two sisters. You have extracted the email she sent to Kent Police in the form of a letter posted by mail. Kent Police did not have the pig-shit guts to reply or telephone me. So, what are you waiting for? You want to sue me in a Court of law, is that it? Come on, do so. Come and sue me . We will see your bravado. I have already thrown down the same challenge to Kent Police.i have no problem in dealing with you or anyone else. My case against the 2500 criminals is cast iron.

Reply now if you have the guts.

Swami Shantananda

Speak to me I hav

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

On Thu, 14 Apr 2022 at 18:19, Nitin Bhardwaj

<> wrote:

Here is your informal final response - - - -

Fuck off.

You have the bloddy nerve trying to play a raceeved

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card. Did you get your job the same way? Your husband is the aggressor. VOPA is a defensive organization, like NATO, comprising a few of the thousands of victims of your husband's crimes in which you were a willing partner. Many of your husband's victims are Asians, disproportionately Muslims. Jews. Clerks. Hindus. What kind of mother allows her pre-teen daughter's private photographs to be placed in open online albums on the internet, with captions? Or do you claim to be ignorant of your husband's activities on flickr advertised on twitter? Where he also gave full information about even the daily drop-off? He cunningly writes these fake abusive emails forging himself in order to get attention and to file inmeritorious claims in the expectation of eventually getting lucky, gaming the system and getting a payout compensation or hush money or nuisance payment. When you were asked by Nurse Funke Aderibole in the presence of Doctor Tumseela Masoud, did you think he only is the author of all this, you replied, you did not think so but could not be sure. We have the official NHS transcript. We understand your cunning answer.

There was a hiatus in them because when our member or members in the force disabled one of his means of sending out his degrading threats by seizure of the means of committing crimes, he took some months to re-establish these covert means. Now, it appears he has, but you remain conveniently blind. Like to how you are blind to the appalling things he did to others at the University of Greenwich, as my friend informed me, leading to near breakdowns of several female professional and administrative staff such that even 24 to 25 years after, their trauma are still remembered. In spite of all your evildoings, we did not escalate. The easiest thing is to deliver a paper copy of our files, total 4 to 5 lbs, to your Department Head and your daughter's new employer, for a sparkling effect. We did not do this. You and not VOPA are the dirty dogs and malicious trolls and I am protected by First Amendment Rights where I am so I can expose you two. You have the means to put a permanent stop to his wild internet activities but you instead encourage it at colossal damage to the fabric of society. On our files is a letter one of our Hindu members and SP-victim sent you, explaining how your adherence to your vow cannot excuse you from your higher duty to God. The letter copy I can see refers to Bheeshma but it could be a typo for Bheema.

The result, both of you will reincarnate as "vermine insect", using the divine language of

your illustrious Shantanu.

Once more you are afforded the opportunity to repent and undo your war crimes against humanity. Disconnect him immediately from the internet, destroy his means of creating bio-weapons, and withhold all matrimonial and other privileges until his ways are mended.

You are a disgrace to the Praharaj family name. They too will get to know unless you comply.

Ms Egregious_C a/k/a Nitin Bhardwaj

Bcc to what the troublemaker calls, "West

Yorkshite Police"

Rashmi Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane




Mobile: 07854 984538

5 April 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Our Complaint: CO/00107/22 (IT devices held

by Kent Police)

I write again formally as my email to Enquiries Kent and my phone calls to Katie have not had any acknowledgement. The latest news on my query was from Katie in Kent Police saying that the investigation is still ongoing. I am not very knowledgeable about the procedures you follow on investigations of this nature, involving trolls. But in my mind, this should be a simple process where you find out which IP address generated the malicious email in my husband, Dr Shantanu Panigrahi's name. Please note that after a temporary pause following the arrest of my husband and removal of our IT devices, the trolls are back again on the scene, bolder and full of malice. Email have been generated in my husband's name again and sent to several addressees. Email sent to me at my Civil Service work address have been sent to my spam as our intelligent system can filter out email from trolls. So, it seems, nothing has been achieved except more problems for us to deal with. I know that Kent police have powers to do what they did to us. But was it fair? Was it just? Believing Katrina Sales' words over ours and making us suffer is not very fair at all. My views, my husband's words were ignored and we were punished for no reason. I would try not to think that we have to put up with such humiliation and inconvenience as we are Asians. Our Home Secretary is Asian and she heads the Police Force so it can't be that! So, what is the reason behind this degrading behaviour we are subjected to? I would like to know when our desktop, tablet and mobile phone will be returned. This is not a murder investigation and we were told by PC Nicholls on 23 November 21 that our devices could be held up to three months. You can't possibly keep them indefinitely? Our desktop is a shared family device containing photos, files and documents that are important to me, my husband and daughter. Please let me know when they would be returned. I will be happy with an email, text or an answerphone message.

Many thanks and regards,

Rashmi Panigrahi

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