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Consulting Law Firms in the United Kingdom is a waste of time and money

11.40 am (UK-Time) 24 March 2022

Mobile Phone rang at 12.00 odd. Ignored it to see if a message was left. It was not. Phone rang again. I took it. It was Salmaan Islam of North Ford Solicitors. He asked if I had sent him an email last night as it was from a account. I said No it is part of the UK State’s terrorism on me. They have hijacked my Gmail account and send out these emails from the Dizum source. I had reported it all to Kent Police, but they still terrorise me. I sent it to the Court to consider. It was a long conversation, I said they do not wish for me to live in this country for my religious practices. The State does it. The Court has not replied to the email that I sent this morning. He suggested using another email to correspond with him. I said that I have Microsoft Outlook account, could he send me an email to this account. He said No that I should send him the email. I said Ok.

I immediately afterwards sent the following email to Salmaan Islam.





Salmaan Islam

Dear Salmaan

We had an extensive discussion a few minutes ago.

I would like you to correspond only with the international Criminal Court to hold the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Trial: refer: International Criminals: Our reference: OTP-CR-76/22 ( ; The International Criminal Court: International Criminals: Our reference: OTP-CR-76/22 (

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Psnigrshj

3 Hoath Lane




United Kingdom

Tel: 07967S789619

Sent from Mail for Windows



Salman Islam did not acknowledge it so I telephoned North Ford Solicitors at 2.00 pm. It went to the switchboard. I asked if Salmaan Islam was available. The man said he is at lunch. I said that he had asked me to send him an email from my Microsoft outlook account and I am phoning to check that he has received it. He said he would pass on the message. I said that we have been corresponding a lot over the past 3-4 days and it has come to a point that I need action. OK he said. The Call ended.

At 2.05 pm Mobile Phone rang from Salmaan Islam. I asked if he had received my email. He said yes from the email account. He did not mention anything on the contents of the email but we talked briefly. He said that you are taking on the government and ques requires high costs, a barrister and possibly a QC. I said Maybe it would be better for me to wait and see what action Kent Police take against me and defend against it. He said that would he a criminal matter and he only deals with civil litigation. I said that the civil litigation is already proceeding. He said by Appeal questioningly. I said the email that came last night shows that the Claim Form is being processed because Judge Parfitt’s Order has been cancelled. To that he said that he would not take any account of what that email says as it is from an unknown source. I did not mention the International Criminal Court to keep my options open. There was no point in continuing the talk, so I said that I was sorry that I had wasted his time. He said that I was right to take legal advice. I said Bye. The Call ended.


Last Updated: 15.33 pm (UK-Time) 24 March 2022

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