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Criminal Anonymous Email.s Received this morning: International Criminal Court Application number 29

Criminal Anonymous Email.s Received this morning: International Criminal Court Application number 29836347531333206




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Paul Nichols PC 46015002,

Sun, 16 Jan at 08:20

Dear Sirs

I am being harassed and persecuted yet again this morning by agents of the British and US governments as shown in the attached emails that I received prior to going into work: ToKatrinaSale(CAE)HurricaneKatrinaSale16January2022.docx.

Please issue summons on President Joe Biden and Mr Boris Johnson simultaneously to face the criminal prosecution.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

ToKatrinaSale(CAE)HurricaneKatrinaSale16Jan2022.docx 18.2kB:

Hurricane Katrina Sale @somedayiwillbe_




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sat, 15 Jan at 21:41

Dear Katrina


Pausing from my menial job at BP Lenham, looking at your images, I wondered idly if the destructive hurricane was named after you personally? You and Kubla Khan notreallyadoctor90 wantonly caused

so much chaos and inconvenience in my life that now I have abandoned santanu-dharma and satya advaita, there has to be a redressal and a day/night of reckoning.

Without demur by Mr Rehman Chishti MP or prohibition by Bhatt Murphy Solicitors, connected to my M.H. Specialist Dr Mahesh Bhatt at Maritime Medway Hospital, but under the approval number

29836347531333206 issued by the International Criminal Court on 10 January 2022 when they confirmed they have superior jurisdiction, I am not bound by any No-Contact restrictions purportedly and illegally imposed by vermine insect PC Paul Nichols, so next week

I will be calling on the home of the estranged mother of your buccaneering boyfriend Nichols to question her about how that jaanbhosadiwale kahinke suar grew up to become such a pervert liar

and thief of my equipment, equipment which is demonstrated is not involved in my posting and emailing because I manage the same even though the stolen equipment has not been recovered from the Purser. I can still do these things though now it involves much more work for me for which I must be compensated, I am adjusting my demands accordingly. We will check whether this lady also owes civil liability to me, and whether her police son is literally a madarchod. This accomplished to my satisfaction, I intend to drive via Guilford to Shillings-Halfpenny and take up my unpremeditated

interrogation of yourself, being the prime witness and filer of false and vile complaints.

Have you anything to say prior to sentencing, or will you at this very final moment agree to accommodate my personal needs? I destroyed your boss over his garden partying at already and intend to escalate this in line with out earlier forum communications. The whores serving at the Government Legal Department have learned a harsh lesson, not to defy me. I told you the last time, I am a Master Escapologist.

You have this one final last chance, don't squander it. I am a very reasonable man.

Yours faithfully

Shanti at Shanti Niwas


Katrina, but fourteeen months older than my daughter.


Shantanu Panigrahi via

01:03 (6 hours ago)

to katrina, katrina, otp.informationdesk, possiblynotarealdoctor90, me

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Dear Katrina and the International Criminal Court

Now you have emailed me cunningly posing as Priya (Beloved) from email, the last nails in the coffin of the British Nation of Morons in a Police State are hammered through, and I have the express or explicit permission of Chief Prosecutor Moreno of the ICC criminals to communicate with one of my persecutors (you) in furthering the interest of justice and bringing criminals to book.

You are 14 months senior to my daughter Rupa but I do not view you in that manner at all. Instead, I consider you to be a full adult free from any restrictions such as those which your Prince Andrew seemingly neglected to consider in his past.

I am dealing with the erring madarchod policeman Nichols very sternly and will have much more by away of virtual ammunition to use against this suar when I have completed the examination of the sow that raised him. I can have and show no pity. His robbery has inconvenienced me in a considerable way and until my equipment is recovered I am compelled to make these discreet emails mainly from my car. In this cold weather, that requirement is worsening my urination prostate problems for which Doctors Nitin Bhardwaj and Sherif Omar have indirectly prescribed anal

intercourse. We can discuss this later at leisure after the preliminaries are satisfied.

Two years ago I revealed that my knowledge, my truth-comprehension and accommodation, my truth-probes and my truth-exposures are superior to the truths underlying the Constitution of United Kingdom or of any other state or country in the world. I strive to get that knowledge

assessed in any Court action, be that mental health assessment or legal assessment on criminality and civil prosecutions. This is why the Mundaka Upanishad states Satymeva Jayate in Hinduism. No human values can trap me into legal or medical difficulties to deprive me of my liberty as the gaandmaar Nichols fruitlessly attempts. I will always have an innocent answer and refutation, my scope for manouvering and hence the sanctity of Vishista-advaita Vedanta with its political

offshoot of The Conservative Libertarian Society is unbeatable; and Dharma Rakshati Dharma is the eternal law of the universe. Had Boris Johnson followed it he would still be alive today. I know the nooks and crannies of all man-made laws and therefore can survive the most totalitarian and horrendous of all evil-States in Brahma-Nature that can unleash its persecution on me to try and enslave me to deprive me of my dignity of independence and liberty to continue with my freedom

of thought and freedom of expression from the safety and security of my own home here at Shanti Niwas in the United Kingdom by silencing the satanic persecutors like yourself into their cubby holes.

Vermine PC 46015002's attempts to fabricate proceedings against me are fruitless, is he not aware I survived persecution over 24 years as a master Escapologist Extraordinaire right under the noses and before the eyes of the dogs of the state authorities. I stuck my head into the mouth and arse of the British Lion and retrieved it unscathed, this is because I am the sanest person to ever live in and walk on the planet and the most highly creative genius in the anals of history. My accumulated wisdom allows me to anticipate the action of scoundrels and stay two three jumps ahead of them, escaping their traps. My manipulation, in self-defence only, of the official legal medical and judicial apparatus has rendered it impotent and the precipitate actions of Nichols means it is merely a formality for me to collect my five million. This is not bragging but calmly reciting the enabling shlokas, which I will teach you after we navigate to our mystic physical or conjugal union.

I am inclined to deal only sweetly with you despite your nascent involvement with the racial harassment and discrimination to which you subjected me, you are an inspiring young lady even if you are guilty on multiple counts of impersonation, for example as Kublai Khan and as Priya. I prophesised long ago that my mastery of Escapology means I was capable or escaping all the traps laid out for me to incarcerate me in a prison, or in a mental hospital, or to make me a destitute, to break apart my marriage, or boot me out of this country. You have to learn to live with me and accommodate my special needs.

Unless I hear an acceptable counterproposal from you personally, I will be travelling to Guilford this week to serve the ICC warrant with due process, and take other lawful steps I can think of.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane





Tel 07967789619


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