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Fw: The Dr Shantanu Panigrahi Files

Fw: The Dr Shantanu Panigrahi Files


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Fri, 9 Apr at 08:08

Dear Sirs

Please update me on the attached Appeal on the Private prosecution of Ms Max Hill, the Director of Public Prosecutions: Shantanu Panigrahi-1(210002255911EastKentMagistratesCourt).pdf; APPLICATION FOR SUMMONS_-1(Apply28Feb2021)c.doc, as I still have not been able to trace the source of such criminal anonymous emails that have started once again to appear in my Email in box.

Thank you

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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Sent: Thursday, 8 April 2021, 16:30:09 BST

Subject: Re: The Dr Shantanu Panigrahi Files

Part 159

The mental health institutions are themselves an agency of the Law Enforcement, worst of all the Crown Prosecution Service led by the criminal Ms. Max Hill and the Police, Kent Police being led by another criminal, Mr. Alan Pughsley, both of whom I have issued Arrest Warrants for, processes of the State that determine through the 'detective work' of its Consultant Psychiatrists like Odesanya and Kingham, which particular conduct of an individual is forensic in any kind of activism and which is simply a disorder of the mind, as if there is any such thing so to be more accurately treating the brain with to manage an individual through a mixture of anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising medications, and restrictions placed upon the so-called patient which the State requires incarceration in a mental hospital if persistent and so incurable to be allowed to live in the Community with medications or without the enforcement of medications and in its final version the employment of treatments as electroconvulsive therapy to destroy the activist's brains permanently. I wish to say that I am now loyally a member of the Liberal Democrats, and loyally serving Her Majesty the Queen, having come to terms with myself of what progress I can make towards the ideal of humanity of us all and all the citizens of the world by extension. I am through with all the legal quandary that I had been engaged in the past 25 years of struggle to restore my reputation as an honest person and loving the residence that the UK has given me through my adult-life and which has looked after me and my family for all of these years. So, I need to moderate my ambitions to the pace that the Liberal Democrats can proceed with, in accordance with the laws and Constitution of the UK, and so withdraw the Motions that I had submitted forthwith and withdraw the request for legal advice and legal representation also. Your Excellency at Embassy of Portugal, We are preparing to go to Portugal for a short family holiday imminently (June, 2021) coronavirus-restrictions pending and a similar holiday in Cyprus in September 2021 and to India in January 2022 from the UK where I have been resident for the past 47 years. Kindly consult the Embassy of Cyprus and the High Commission of India for

references on me. Since September 2017, I have been harassed by person unknown (Dr Sivaji Panesar, & Ms Monneka Tahir Mistress of Kamran Hussain Fake Solicitor) to question whether I am 'Stateless' so that my family holidays in Greece and India were marred by uncertainties that did not materialise into any difficulties as it so happened. My passport pdf version is attached for your kind consideration: 2020-11-27_090339 ShantanuPassport.pdf. We went to Fuerteventura without any problems last year. Recently and following the assurance from the Home Office of the UK then that I was still a British citizen, I have had difficulties in obtaining employment because of a conspiracy of silence, despite obtaining good reports such as the attached:

JohnLewis(SHANTANU_PANIGRAHI_Feedback-1).pdf. In this connection, I am writing to you well before hand to let you know of these difficulties that I encounter almost daily so that my family holiday to Portugal in June is not ruined. The attached clearance from the Crown Prosecution Service has met with a blank wall of silence: To&FrCrownProsecutionService(CPSCommunicationCRN000141775)15Mar2021.docx I have already tried petitioning Her Majesty the Queen in this regard through my Solicitor: ToFurleyPageLawFirm15Mar2021b.docx. Further details may be obtained through my website The Philosophy of the Conservative Libertarian Party is security for liberty and liberty for security. This is the essence of living. We need to be very careful indeed in making our decision on actions that we should take every

moment of life by a thorough understanding of the laws of Nature, and taking opportunities to better ourselves materially and spiritually through the passage of time in a risk-averse attitude that conserves and builds the material and spiritual 'house' that we live in. This is the meaning of Environmental Sustainability. One step at a time and see which way the wind blows before jumping on to the next step to try and enhance one's prospects for self-preservation and the appropriate development of the family and the wider society that we are governed by to regulate and control our human activities. Being libertarian per se is not the objective of the personal or communal struggle. One cannot isolate oneself from wider humanity, for we cannot each individually do all of the things that we need to feed, clothe,

house, study and develop our knowledge which is the fundamental basis of actions individually and collectively. We need like-minded people according to the saying birds of a feather flock together to create a Party of political activists who would argue their case and take part in democracy to influence changes to the society in a peaceful and totally non-violent manner. By persuasion of ones principles and belief-led mission to better ourselves in our mental development and better our chances of survival in a tough Nature that restricts our abilities to act selfishly and in greed for gathering in the natural resources for our own consumption from the Planet that we inhabit.

Dispute at Clearly Business Solutions Ltd Petrol Station Employment - An open letter to the Government of the UK highlighting my suffering from experiences of the British Justice System - A Personal Account of Realisation - Application for Reforms to the Parliamentary Standards Commission of the UK - Judge Hildebrand appointed to investigate my complaints against the Civil courts of the UK - Challenging a governmental decision in the Courts of the UK - Proceedings with the Judicial Appointments & Conduct Ombudsman of the UK -

Application for Asylum in India - My asylum-associated proceedings at the United Nations - Update on my citizenship of the UK - Negotiations with AuthorhouseUK on publication of my books on reality - Referral of the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman to the Speaker of the House of Commons for Prime Minister's Question Time - Examining possibilities for private prosecutions

Through satya-advaita yoga, the mind uplifts itself from body in that every single thing, like desires for wealth, fame, missions to be a purushottama in following the footsteps of Rama in the Ramayana, objectives to get a job to earn a living for fear that one's body needs may suffer, etc, the desire to do dharma, as Sanatan Dharma, are all relinquished. That is when one is a true Adviatist. So even Vishista Advaita Vedanta was a staging post for me towards this Ultimate Realisation that there is no other but the Supermind or Om that

one strives to live to. There is no second, no God as Sri Krishna or Vishnu, Jesus Christ, Allah, Jehovah, all of which are attachments to the body's missions, objectives to do good in terms of sattvic, rajasic or tamasic guna-characterisitics, that obstruct the operation to Om. That Om when perfected by even tolerating scolding from one's wife, from wider society and mankind, without Vaishnavic or more severe retaliations in attack or defence to preserve one's so called 'reputation' in mankind, all being attachments that

do not enable the operation of one's actions through Truth as Om; the satya-advaitic yogi has then reached its final destination: Om. Advaita is therefore Om, no two ways about it. There are no contradictions and conflicts contained in this oneness. One is utterly tolerant in one's actions. To Google: You need to clarify what you mean by my Account will be paused if I do not advertise? do you mean that the contents of the website will no longer be in the public domain for public display. I do not have any need to advertise this at the moment while the District Judge is still considering the Costs to be awarded in respect of Claim E35YM660 of the Central London County Court where I am seeking damages and compensation of � million sterling

against an array of institutions, and personnel for bullying, harassing and intimidating me over a very long period of time that seeks to pervert justice through obstruction of justice in ways that pervert the course of justice. So if you can please clarify what it is you need from me now so that I can make notes for the District Judge in accordance with the email that I received this late afternoon from Ms Adele Miller representing the Prime Minister and Victims of Panigrahi Association (VOPA) I can contact His Honour this evening itself, whilst Ms Adele decides whether to give me her Bank Account Number and Bank Sort Code for the crediting of �per year pending the District Judge's final decision on Claim Disposal. Thank you Google - You have been very helpful to me, and I am grateful for that, honestly.

PRIVATE PROSECUTION OF THE CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE HEAD MS MAX HILL (DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PERSECUTIONS) To Mr Fawji Khan of Lahore Chor Bazaar. Dear Mr Khan I had a telephone call from Joanne of Waitrose yesterday about my application for employment through John Lewis Partnership to whom I submitted 3 other job applications. I returned the call and spoke with Tim but no one telephoned me back. So I dialled 07322 358964 again just now and spoke to someone about that call from Joanne but was told that she has gone home. I asked to speak to the Manager to formalise this complaint that comes on after I passed the questionnaire interview as shown in the attached: JohnLewis(SHANTANU_PANIGRAHI_Feedback-1).pdf. Further, in the past two months I passed four questionnaire assessments (ToTescoSupermarkets(jobs)27Feb2021.docx or Tesco and another one this morning but am being kept in the dark because the State has manipulated these employers in pretending that I am Stateless and not entitled to work in this

country. On top of these injustices I received the attached persecutory email today FrShitbags(YourillegaldemandextortingmoneyfromE35YM660)24Mar2021. The Queens BenchEnquiries are refusing to alert me to the proceedings that you have initiated by now: ToQueensBenchEnquiries&TranscriptRequests(HQ17X01773PERMISSION TO APPEAL MASTER EASTMAN)24mAR2021.docx. Please therefore let me know what is going on with the private prosecution following our last conversation when I said that I wanted this hearing against the Crown Prosecution Service to take place imminently at Medway Magistrates Court, and

you replied with asking me to send you all the rest of the materials relevant to this matter, which are as listed above. JohnLewis(SHANTANU_PANIGRAHI_Feedback-1).pdf ToTescoSupermarkets(jobs)27Feb2021.docx FrShitbags(YourillegaldemandextortingmoneyfromE35YM660)24Mar2021 ToQueensBenchEnquiries&TranscriptRequests(HQ17X01773 PERMISSION TO APPEAL MASTER EASTMAN)24mAR2021.docx

REFERENCES (I send these emails pseudo-nymously)> (via with premium key)


Shantanu Panigrahi-1(210002255911EastKentMagistratesCourt).pdf 22.1kB

APPLICATION FOR SUMMONS_-1(Apply28Feb2021)c.doc 108kB

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