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The influence of God as Paramatma in human biology

To rationalise Reality with Sri Krishna as Paramatma in scientific and commonsensical terms takes one a lot of intellectual juggling, as follows:

Different people have different goals. Some are very inquisitive others are dull. Some are totally materialistic and others are spiritualistic in nature. It depends on ones gunas/qualities of nature of where one is within the spectrum of materialism to spiritualism. These gunas are determined by ones genetics and upbringing, and whether Sri Krishna, as Paramatma, has awakened one’s sense of seeking the truth. If one is of a very sattvic (divine) nature basically one might come under the control of Sri Krishna and one will easily transcend your materialistic side and show one’s caring nature. The more inquisitive and sattvic one is and the God has influenced one the better positioned one is to understand the nature of reality. One will not only have to learn enormous amounts of science one will also start to delve into where you get your caring nature from. If one is lucky enough to have studied Biology one will find that that the answers do not lie entirely in your biological-self (that is human nature is not entirely a genetically-based characteristic) but also come from another intrinsic source that guides one in one’s thoughts. If one then tries to understand how this works it takes one into very deep struggle and terrible miseries, at the end of which you might see the nature of reality and within that the existence of God hidden in your mind as Paramatma. And then one tries to understand the Nature of God through your own experiences and the study of scriptures, through incidentals, and through correspondence with people going through similar experiences and those with very different atheistic philosophies, one sees in the end that our Hindu sages did get their understandings right, with the outstanding text being the Bhagavad Gita within the epic of Mahabharatta. Thus, one should see from your day-to-day existence that Sri Krishna guides from within, and has enormous powers to influence one’s life from within and without. That is Vedanta because when such a realisation is complete and becomes irreversible everything else becomes unimportant. One lives with Sri Krishna in whatever one does.

So is the end goal of my existence to know Sri Krishna? One does need to know the influence of God in human biology. Further, I cannot abondon commonsense and science. Will Sri Krishna help me to expose the above analysis more clearly? It remains to be seen. The end goal of my existence is in fact to see whether I will have a coherent picture of Reality before I die. Hopefully, I am heading that way and not going backwards. I must also express the truth daily for I practice satya-advaita, the practice of oneness with truth.

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