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The Theism of Scientists of Genius Matters

Posted on July 12, 2012 by shantanup

Scientists of repute to the level that the word genius has been applied to them also have theological views. The greater their contribution to humanity in terms of their scientific acumen the more we should look to what they said about religion with particular reference to the existence or non-existence of God. Thus, the views of Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Wallace and Pythagorus are worthy of special investigation.

The fundamental basis for this assertion is that in order to try to be a scientist who wishes to understand the universe of how it is and came about, he/she must not only start from first conducting a literature search, but during the process of his scientific observations and analysis he must continually look at the research that has already been completed that might save him time or turn out to be competing theories that he has to address to determine whether his formulation is superior or inferior to what has already been prescribed. That is how humanity progresses.

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