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At 3.15 pm I dialled Long Catlis Road Surgery but no one answered to telephone. I dialled again at 4.30 pm and spoke to the receptionist saying that I was asked to ring back in the afternoon to see if my sick note is ready. She said it is on the list of things to be done. I asked so what should I tell my employers. She said call back tomorrow afternoon and check. Call ended.

I then dialled BP Lenham and spoke to the Duty Manager Ramesh saying that I had spoken with Vicky twice today, I have been to the Surgery and they are saying that the sick note will take a couple of days so I cannot come until I see what that note says. OK he said.

Five o'clock came and went and there were no telephone calls or emails for me. So a truce has manifested itself. I am done with work for BP whether or not I get a sick note, for it is best not to send any further emails or WhatsApp messages to Long Catlis Road Surgery or to my BP. As things stand I am still a mental patient of the State in having to take my risperidone (antipsychotic), sertraline (antidepressant) and Depakote medications to enable me to live in the Community. Kent Police has not taken any action against me. The Court of Central London has no proceedings on Claiim E35YM660 and The International Criminal Court has no proceedings on Re: Fw: International Criminals: Our reference: OTP-CR-76/22. The States ran out of ammunition to continue to persecute me with. I am not going to start fresh proceedings of my own for I have exhausted the limits of the legal avenues open to me. In the end they all decided that I was after all a mentally ill person disordered with paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusion disorders with last written communication from Dr Mwanche and the TR Bhatt letter with an appointment of 4 May 2022 to determine the scope of any revision of the diagnosis and treatment. I certainly cannot go to work until the Surgery and TR Bhatt clarify my mental and physical health status.

Above all, I am free and in total liberty otherwise and this was perhaps the best outcome for everything is out in the open from my point of view in the books that I have written and the publications in websites that are visible to the Court of Public Opinion. Let them judge what kind of conduct I had gone through over the past 24 years in the United Kingdom since I lost my scientific career at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich. My record speaks for itself as an honest and transparent human being who has not ever been charged with any crimes or forensic activities like harassing and stalking that Kent Police attempted to frame on my character. They know that if they come and haunt me again I will activate the proceedings at the International Criminal Court so that we would be back to square one. I may even go to the Security Council of the United Nations complaining about the International Criminal Court to start new proceedings that would eventually require settlement. So we are done. The truth is all out there, for I have Lulu and many more ISBN Numbers to keep publishing everything perpetrated on me.

So proceedings are in no one’s interest.


Last Updated: 18.09 pm (UK-time) 9 February 2022

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