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Disputes between nations were also the result of the constant fight between good and evil which took place for the emancipation of the soul. However, whereas Mr George Bush regarded Iraq, Iran and North Korea as the axis of evil, in other circles America and its allies were considered as the Trans-Atlantic axis of evil afflicting the world, and Mr Bush, Mr Blair and the Pope in particular were labelled as the Trinity of Evil by some Muslims in this battle of ideas and ideology. It was well known that there was considerable pressure from Christian fundamentalists in America to support Israel in order that the Bible is proved right in the so-called Holy land, and hence the crusades of the west against Islam continued to this day.

In the summer of 2006 there was also general apathy in the United Kingdom on the situation between Lebanon and Israel and Israel's war crimes. I thought of writing a letter to the Daily Express putting forward Hesbollah's point of view to counter its article that 'Lebanon's destruction is just harsh reality of war' but Rashmi disagreed that it would serve any useful purpose so that I did not send the letter. I had been disappointed by Mr Madeley's justification arguments from the Israeli standpoint, that the destruction of Lebanon and of the Lebanese people by Israel (and America) could simply be sighed away as a just a harsh reality of war. Evil actions such as these war crimes needed to be punished by the United Nations in order that the world was governed according to certain basic rules of conduct that people and nations must adhere to for there to be harmony or else the world would tend towards chaos. Let us consider the Hesbollah point of view. In the absence of a superpower to take Lebanon's side it had no choice but to set up a guerilla warfare scenario in the civilian areas to take on the might of Israel in order to seek justice for issues such as compensation for the previous Israeli destruction of Lebanon and revenge for the 18 year occupation, the territorial dispute, the Palestinian refugees it holds who are not allowed to return to Israel, and the Lebanese prisoners of war held in Israel. This was not the same as saying that Hesbollah were using the civilians as human shield. There was simply no alternative warring strategy available to Lebanon, such was the David-Goliath nature of the conflict. Unless one believed that Lebanon showed bow its head to Israel forever and never fight for justice one must consider that Hesbollah was not a terrorist organisation but a legitimate military strategy of Lebanon that arose from need. It was sheer ignorance to think that Iran or Syria set up Hesbollah with a few thousand foot soldiers in Lebanon to destroy Israel with Katyoosha rockets and by even an invasion of Israel. On the other hand Hesbollah was probing and prodding Israel and inviting it to attack Lebanon so as to fight evil on its own territory. Of course Hesbollah was supported by Iran and Syria because it needed to get its weapons and money from somewhere to defend against Israel. In these circumstances the Geneva Rules of War, which were established to protect civilians required Israeli soldiers to seek out the Hesbollah fighters and fight them face to face, not target entire neighbourhoods with massive bombs in order to demonstrate 'shock and awe', as learnt from the British and American actions in Iraq. Likewise, if Hesbollah had started its rocket attacks on Israeli civilians it should also be tried for war crimes but it did not start that type of attack. Neither did it invade Israel but merely engaged in a limited border skirmish to capture Israeli soldiers for bargaining purposes. Israel reacted to this action and to the threat posed by Hesbollah disproportionately and deliberately set out to destroy civilian houses, in the process killing 1000 civilians and injuring 3000 others as direct tactics of war. It was immaterial that Iran's leader wanted the destruction of Israel. He was living in cloud cuckoo land if he thought that America would let that happen. But unless Mr Ehud Olmert was brought to face an international tribunal for those war crimes and for killing 4 United Nations soldiers no one would ever pay any heed to the need for humanity or to pay respect to the United Nations engaged in world peacekeeping, and there would be more real terrorism such as 9/11, 7/7, and the Madrid rail bombings. It was wrong for Mr Madeley to draw a parallel with the situation of the V1 buzz bombs from Germany which the RAF bombed in civilian areas because then Britain was dealing with a much more evil state than itself and which was also an empire builder nation like Britain. The bombing of Lebanon was designed to set Lebanese against Lebanese but it would prove to be futile. Hesbollah was an idea known the Party of God and as such it would continue to seek justice if Lebanon's demands were not met at the end of this war and the ceasefire. This fight between right and wrong or good and evil will go on in the same way as the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq where the West also wished to impose its civilisation.

Similarly, I felt that the detonation of a nuclear device by North Korea was a welcome development in the world in order to keep the evil western empire builders on their toes so that they were prevented from interfering in the affairs of other countries at will. Diversity was the natural order of creation and I believed that each country and region must find its own solutions for development and governance without foreign interference.

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