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Satyamev Jayate

By Feburay 2007, I noted that my mind was still usually tense and that this tense feeling could not be slept off. But at times the mind...


We arrived back in the UK on 5 January 2007 after a 31-day visit to India to find that our central heating system required minor...


19 November 2006 Regardless of what the future held for me I believed that God created mankind to leave behind His-story for people to...


I have never told Rashmi whether or not to do puja or to pray to God, but have guided Rupa into knowing God as my duty to our child. I...

After life

13 November 2006 The job at Shell Wigmore dealing with thousands of customers also provided a good training ground for me to fine-tune my...


Having considered thus, on 4 November 2006 I wrote to the Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair: 'DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENCE AND SCIENTISTS. After...

A Closure?

Working successfully on a mentally taxing job, planning the visit to India and finalising this book with the preface and closing chapters...

Turning point

The August of 2006 represented a turning point in my personal saga as I chanced upon a full time job in another petrol station barely 2...

World Affairs

Disputes between nations were also the result of the constant fight between good and evil which took place for the emancipation of the...

Lazy days

Since about January 2006 I had become very lazy and did not have the energy to do much. To counter this I started going for a run in the...


Soon after my return from hospital I put it to Rashmi that we would need to downsize to a smaller house, to release some of the capital...

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